Royal Plaudits for Private Schools...

Definition of plaudit.

It's great to see that due recognition is given to private schools at the highest levels. I hope the cry for overhead bridges in the vicinity of private schools will be heard as well at the highest levels...


  1. for some reason, i'm really drawn to the third picture...

  2. Think up a caption for the pic! Heheheh!

  3. "is it a bird? is it a plane? no! it's higher education!"

    sorry, it's a tad lame, i know =)

  4. Wu Wu! I saw a friend in the 3rd picture!

    SOrry, lame comment I know.

  5. lizzie: how about, "Gee, that belly-dancer's a tall sheila ain't she?"

    nonnie: wah, kua tio peng yew ah ne kin tio ah? heheheh!

  6. i saw a fren in the 3rd pic too... hmmm... didnt know he came here...


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