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Tragedy waiting to happen

I took these pics (with my K750i) in front of PDS School in Jangsak. Some parents have taken it upon themselves to risk their children's and their own lives every single day by parking on the opposite side of the road facing the school and crossing the dual carriageway to pick up their kids.

I get very upset when parents do this because it just takes one slip of footing and then tragedy strikes... In some countries this is called jay-walking and is prosecutable offence.

I seriously hope the authorities will consider building an overhead bridge in the area so that parents and children will be able to cross safely to their other side of the road. How much is the price of one life compared to the cost of building an overhead bridge?


Anonymous said…
Good finding Reeda, i would suggest you bring this matter to as you can see from his site, he's a bit influencial don't you think.

UcingItam said…
Agreed. This behaviour also slows down the traffic
Hamdi said…
true that dude. its funny though how people are quick to blame the road culprits. but its expected. im sure we've all been there. we're in a standstill, we got people crossin roads at will, and we get frustrated. hell i'd scream hahaha! but we gotta take a step back and realize it aint the people we gotta turn our attention on but rather on the situation we're living with - schools on main roads, among other commercial buildings. constructing overhead bridges could be a temporary solution, but the bigger problem really lies in the arrangement of commercial areas.

just a thought. great site btw dude! and great review of the new bond flick on kristal haha. this british gangsta show u mentioned any good?
AnakBrunei said…
Anon, yes I think I will forward this to Mr BR. Hopefully he will see it as a worthwhile cause to publicize on his juggernaut site :)

ucingitam: Yup it sure does. From my place to the school should take no more than 5 minutes but during peak hours, it becomes 30 minutes... If it weren't for the lack of an overhead bridge, my kids would be walking to school :)

You're absolutely right Hamdi. The town and country planning in our beloved country is in quite a mess. But we've been blessed with this mess, so what do we do?

I do wish it could be a little more organized so the public transport system, esp for school children could work for sure...
AnakBrunei said…
Hamdi: That british gangsta flick was Layer Cake. Pretty good film in my view. Stylishly shot and edgy enough. Kinda like a Brit version of Mr Tarantino :)
amyheidi said…
They'll wait until more than 1 person died of an accident due to the lack of an overhead bridge, its always like that. I heard that SMB only got their overhead bridges constructed after a few tragedies happened (not so sure about it though).
AnakBrunei said…
I pray there will not ever be any fatalities along that stretch of road. It would be such a tragedy if the overhead bridge were to be built as a result of an accident :(
the lazy turtle said…
I agree with you. I was in the car with a friend of mine when I saw this little boy running across the street from Sekolah Ugama Jerudong to get to the other side where his parents parked their car. That's even worse since he ran across without any companion. Being the scaredy-cat that I am, I told my friend to slow down while driving along this particular area everytime I see these children.

I really hope the authorities will do something about it, too.

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