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Synergy Panacea To Beat Pandemic...

Over the last two Sundays, we happened to be in the car listening to DJ Dean's show when he opened up the Sheraton Lamb Shank Briyani quiz. On both occasions, we happened to get through on the phone and give the correct answer! What are the odds of that eh?

Anyway, tonight, we redeemed our winnings and went for a night out with the rugrats. The missus and I had the Lamb Shank Briyani and the rugrats had the buffet... Tune in to Kristal FM next Monday between 10am-2pm on the Jenny M show when I'll be calling in to give my full review of tonight's dinner :)

Ya, I also scratched my head when I read the headline "Synergy Panacea To Beat Pandemic" on today's paper...


  1. Mouth watering banar, does taste as good as it looks?

  2. mouthful jua banar BB frontpage headlines atu.... apa kebende tu???

  3. trust those journalist to come up with useless header.. hehe my foreign ex-colleagues used to comment on bruneian's journalists choice of complicated jargons as well.. gerentiii dorang pakai thesaurus nie hehe...

  4. hahaha... again, it goes back to the basics of journalism. kepisan eh...!!

  5. Looks fab. Have you ever tried the lamb shank in Buccaneer, KB? Very yummy and gigantic portion.

  6. Waaaah Buccaneer!! Thats a name I haven't seen in a loooong time! Didn't know it still exist!! Out of the 20 odd years I lived in Seria, I think I only entered Buccaneer 2 or 3 times and all on special occasions. I remember ordering the steak and enjoying the meal every time. Must make a point to visit it next time I'm in KB. Same location right?

  7. Yes, same location. They refurbished it recently, no more musty carpets! And they've improved on their food too. Yup, go check it out.


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