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Hj Don Corleone & the boys...

Been reading with great interest Mr BR's pieces on Brunei Malay wedding gear and Mamalobeng's Power of Underwear eheheh (funny girl that one!) and the one thing that comes to mind is which is culture, which is religion and where do we draw the line?

Do we as a society adopt the practices of our ancestors when it suits us eventhough it goes against religion? Why have lavish weddings when some of us clearly cannot afford them? Why throw a perfectly good pair of underwear on the roof to prevent rain when it's clearly God's will that it rains? I'm sure there's numerous fatwas from the state mufti on this issue so I won't go into them.

To me, its all about our world-view and how it shapes the way we conduct our daily activities from weddings to funerals. A world-view provides us with a structure of reality; it defines, classifies, and orders the "real" in the universe, in our world, and in our society.

A world-view embodies man's most general conceptions of order. If this is accepted as a working definition, then religion provides a people with their fundamental orientation toward that reality (Anthropology 101? heheh).

If world-view provides an intellectually satisfying picture of reality, religion provides both an intellectually and emotionally satisfying picture of, and orientation toward, that reality. Religion then carries the function of making endurable such unpleasant facts of the human condition as evil, suffering, meaninglessness, and death...


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The House That Jack Built...

I really enjoyed reading Jack's post on Brunei businesses going bust. Absolutely agree that its not all gloom and doom and its just a matter of time before the economy starts pumping again with all those projects slated for the 9th RKN.

My only concern is this, what do we do before then? Aside from jostling for position with arms (and mouths) wide-open, ready for the giant JPKE to award those "mega-projects"?

Anyway, thats boring stuff. I was more excited by the suggestion that Brunei become a retirement village for the rich (and famous?). I like that idea, and I think it can work! Not only as retirement village but also as a residential base for executives from multi-national companies, it would be ideal. With all ASEAN capitals within a short flying distance, these executives could telecommute daily and fly to and from meetings as and when.

In return, they would get a safe, tax-free, and clean environment to bring up their families.

This here lizard's name is Fred. He lives in our garden. Say hi Fred!

Migration Complete...

If you recall, sometime ago, I was toying with the idea of migrating to the wordpress platform. Today, that idea becomes a reality. The migration to wordpress is complete and all posts from today onwards will be at Do bear with me for the next couple of weeks while I figure out the ins and outs of wordpress hehe.

This site will remain visible for archive purposes. Thank you and see you over at the new pad!