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Pingat Indah Kerja Baik

Congratulations to Shima on being conferred the
Pingat Indah Kerja Baik by His Majesty
on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Heheh I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. I was tagged by Kantalensa. So here goes nothing!

1) Are your parents married or divorced?
Married. They celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary in November last year.

2) Are you a vegetarian?
I tried it once. The vegetables hated me.

3) Do you believe in Heaven?
Yes I do. As mortals, I think the belief in heaven helps diminish our fear of death.

4) Have you ever come close to dying?
If you mean "seeing the light" close, then no.

5) What jewellery do you wear 24/7?
Only the royal jewels I think

6) Favourite time of day?
Early in the morning

7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Yes, I love broccoli. All parts of it.

8) Do you wear makeup?

9) Ever have plastic surgery?

10) Do you colour your hair?
Used to

11) What do you wear to bed?
Dilbert T-shirt and shorts

12) Have you ever done anything illegal?
Yup definitely. Am I gonna list it? No I dont think so.

13) Can you roll your tongue?
Yup. My tongue is a wonderfully flexible muscle.

14) Do you tweeze your eyebrows?

15) What kind of sneakers?
New Balance

16) Do you believe in abortions?
I am pro-choice

17) What is your hair color?

18) Future child’s name?

19) Do you snore?
My snoring is sonically identical to that of a Lamborghini MurciƩlago V12

20) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
To visit kah? India for sure. The Taj Mahal has always held a certain allure to me.

21) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

22) If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
Double check my ticket

23) Gold or Silver?

24) Hamburger or hot dog?

25) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Lamb in all its glorious guises

26) City, beach or country?
I'm a city-dweller

27) What was the last thing you touched?
The royal jewels

28) Where did you eat last?
At home. I'm a sucker for a good home-cooked meal. Especially if I'm cooking :)

29) When’s the last time you cried?
When watching Cinta - The movie, some dirt got into my eye...

30) Do you read blogs?
Mostly speed-read but if something catches my eye, then I'll read it.

31) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
Nope. Unless its for a good cause of course.

32) Ever been involved with the police?
Yup. Traffic related mostly.

33) What’s your favourite shampoo conditioner and soap?
Sunsilk Black, Shokubutsu Green Tea

34) Do you talk in your sleep?
I think I do, when I'm super-excited or super-stressed

35) Ocean or pool?

38) Window seat or aisle?
Aisle - Easier to go to toilet

39) Ever met anyone famous?

40) Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
Hmmm, thats a tricky one. I'm still living my life, so I look forward to further successes. But so far so good :)

41) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

42) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?

43) Basketball or Football?
Football but even then, in small doses. Like every four years ;)

44) How long do your showers last?
Including time on the crapper reading National Geographic and contemplating world politics, around half an hour.

45) Automatic or do you drive a stick?


46) Cake or ice cream?

47) Are you self-conscious?
Who isn't?

48) Have you ever drank so much you threw up?
Have worshipped at the toilet shrine many a time...

49) Have you ever given money to a beggar?

50) Have you been in love?
Yes quite a few times both with animate and inanimate objects

51) Where do you wish you were?
At my villa in Majorca checking my share-prices just as they split and quadruple in value

52) Are you wearing socks?
Nope. No one in their right mind would wear socks at home in Brunei

53) Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

54) Can you tango?
I think so...

55) Last gift you received?
A morning smile from the love of my life

56) Last sport you played?
Rally driving is a sport right? If so, then Colin McRae WRC 5 on PC

57) Things you spend a lot of money on?
The rugrats

58) Where do you live?

59) Where were you born?
Panaga Hospital, Seria

60) Last wedding attended?
Wifey's cousin Jatt

63) Most hated food?
Pickled leeks. I can't stand them.

64) What’s your least favourite food?
Anything that's bland I will not favour

65) Can you sing?
Yup I can hold a tune

66) Last person you instant messaged?
Percival, an old buddy who's living in Canada

67) Last place you went on holiday?

68) Favourite regular drink?
Teh-C Peng Kosong

69) Tag 3 friends:
1. Jewelle
2. Zadm
3. Kim73

70) Current Song?
Booty Love - Boogie 2Nite


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... In the past, hadrah was only performed during weddings, but now it is performed in open events, to greet honoured guests and more significantly to signal the arrival of His Majesty in various events...

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