Happy 39th Anniversary Mummy & Papa...

Tonight, we had a home cooked dinner to celebrate my parents' 39th Wedding Anniversary which falls tomorrow. My sis made the lovely asparagus and the superlicious tiramisu while I made the fetuccini, baked chicken with herbs & garlic, and for the kids, mac n cheese :)

Roasted asparagus spears with rosemary & cherry tomatoes rolled in beef bacon

Spinach fetuccini with sauteed portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers, and zuchini

Superlicious Tiramisu topped with chocolate shavings


  1. my tummy start growling.. kalah peti s 2 pintu kakmOn :D :D :D luv ur shoot.. why dont u snap on our malay mangkanan pulang

  2. Ohh wow.. Look at the asparagus..



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