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Triple Eight...

It's finally happened. Someone got prosecuted and charged for tapping onto another person's wireless internet access. I wonder if the same applies in Brunei under our Computer Misuse Act? From Sydney Morning Herald:
Garyl Tan Jia Luo, 17, is the first person to be charged with this crime under the Computer Misuse Act, the Straits Times reported. The newspaper said a neighbour had apparently lodged a complaint against Luo.

Tan was released on a bail of S$6,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. If convicted, Tan faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to S$10,000 under the Computer Misuse Act.
My question: Didn't the neighbour practice good wireless security by using some kind of password on his/her network? You don't leave your front door wide open for people to walk in do you? Ok, maybe if you live in Kampong Ayer but thats beside the point.

These days its pretty simple to set up a secured wireless network. Some wireless routers even have one-button security set-up. So to those of you who still leave their wireless routers on default setting... Have a go at setting up the security. It's a worthwhile exercise...

Ya ya, you IT security experts will laugh and say its so easy to sniff and crack (no pun intended!) these things, but something is better than nothing lah! At least give the hacker SOME work to do hehehe!


  1. Ooh, I read that article and the same question ran through my mind: was the wireless network secure at all?

    Granted, even if you left your front door unlocked, I think it's still considered trespassing if someone just waltzes in. But yeah, more information would have been appreciated.

  2. errmmm...i pun tarik the free wirelss connection from a neighbour..i noe its bad! but sumtim, ter'garu' bah ati ani, pun ter auto connect atu..hehehe...should there be any act in brunei on my misconduct..bwohh..nda cale tu ahh

  3. LSM, in Kg Ayer its not trespassing cos u'd have to pass through people's homes in order to get to your own home heheh.

    Anon, well, I guess its partly your neighbour's fault jua for leaving the network wide open for people around to "auto-connect" heheh.

    It's actually quite dangerous jua to leave yr home wireless network open cematu. I wish people would realize this.

    Much like they have grills up on every window on their homes, so should their wireless space be protected...

  4. no wonder those construction workers love to loiter outside our house - they were enjoying the wireless access! Huhh!

    Reeda u raised a good point there.. network key is the key to network security. Never ever leave you access open to all. Internet crime may happen..Internet fraud is on the raise..its dangerous to share the same IP. Plus, open access may lead to slower connectivity. There you go. I don't wanna share.


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