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Nice stretch of road...

Was just reading Fei's piece in BT on information being key to good governance. I couldn't agree more. I'm sure a lot has been discussed and debated about this in EROPA and other similar forums.

I imagine a government so transparent we could actually track the progress of our interactions with the government e.g. applications for business licenses, visas, passports, and even citizenship... all at one click of the mouse button... Pipe dream? Perhaps...

Btw, Fei, if you're reading this, I tried unsuccessfully to put a comment on your latest post earlier today. Am not a liveid nor livejournal user hence anonymous was the only alternative... but cannot post leh...

Oh, and thanks Rano for booking that 50mm 1.8 II for me heheh! Much appreciated bro!


  1. Hey, been horribly busy, but I'm back in the office for today!

    Anonymous posting is enabled, so readers won't have to register for an OpenID or LJ username to comment :) I think LJ was acting up yesterday, like it did a couple of weeks ago - there was an unexpected outage on some of their clusters, and they're still trying to fix the problem.

    Actually, the headline of the article doesn't explain the body of writing itself properly - I had originally written that citizen participation was the key to good governance. It's becoming a pretty big thing, because this is supposed to influence everyone's ideas on e-governance!

  2. Fei, still cant post anonymously on yr blog for some reason :(

    I agree with you, without citizenship participation, what would be the purpose of all these e-governance initiatives? Siok sendiri saja tu eh heheh...


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