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Hj Don Corleone & the boys...

Been reading with great interest Mr BR's pieces on Brunei Malay wedding gear and Mamalobeng's Power of Underwear eheheh (funny girl that one!) and the one thing that comes to mind is which is culture, which is religion and where do we draw the line?

Do we as a society adopt the practices of our ancestors when it suits us eventhough it goes against religion? Why have lavish weddings when some of us clearly cannot afford them? Why throw a perfectly good pair of underwear on the roof to prevent rain when it's clearly God's will that it rains? I'm sure there's numerous fatwas from the state mufti on this issue so I won't go into them.

To me, its all about our world-view and how it shapes the way we conduct our daily activities from weddings to funerals. A world-view provides us with a structure of reality; it defines, classifies, and orders the "real" in the universe, in our world, and in our society.

A world-view embodies man's most general conceptions of order. If this is accepted as a working definition, then religion provides a people with their fundamental orientation toward that reality (Anthropology 101? heheh).

If world-view provides an intellectually satisfying picture of reality, religion provides both an intellectually and emotionally satisfying picture of, and orientation toward, that reality. Religion then carries the function of making endurable such unpleasant facts of the human condition as evil, suffering, meaninglessness, and death...


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Kenali Negara Kitani

KNK or "Kenali Negara Kitani" means "Get to know your own country". Catchy title and I like it. This campaign spearheaded by Tourism Brunei aims to create an awareness among all Bruneian residents that the tourism industry has great importance as an economic activity for Brunei, and that enjoying tourism activities in the country is a worthy and interesting proposition.

Through KNK, Brunei Tourism hopes to see more locals taking time to explore and discover the local wonders, involving themselves in many sporting and leisure activities on offer, sampling regional delicacies and purchasing more local products and crafts.

Brunei Tourism's drive in promoting the KNK domestic tourism concept will encourage the public to use the services of local professional service providers to enjoy extraordinary activities and to visit "off the beaten track" attractions.

Pingat Indah Kerja Baik

Congratulations to Shima on being conferred the
Pingat Indah Kerja Baik by His Majesty
on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Heheh I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. I was tagged by Kantalensa. So here goes nothing!

1) Are your parents married or divorced?
Married. They celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary in November last year.

2) Are you a vegetarian?
I tried it once. The vegetables hated me.

3) Do you believe in Heaven?
Yes I do. As mortals, I think the belief in heaven helps diminish our fear of death.

4) Have you ever come close to dying?
If you mean "seeing the light" close, then no.

5) What jewellery do you wear 24/7?
Only the royal jewels I think

6) Favourite time of day?
Early in the morning

7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Yes, I love broccoli. All parts of it.

8) Do you wear makeup?

9) Ever have plastic surgery?

10) Do you colour your hair?
Used to

11) What do you wear to bed?
Dilbert T-shirt and shorts

12) Have you ever done anything illegal?
Yup definitely. Am …


... In the past, hadrah was only performed during weddings, but now it is performed in open events, to greet honoured guests and more significantly to signal the arrival of His Majesty in various events...

... Brunei youths nowadays have done well in preserving the heritage and have even enhanced it. Back then, competition involved only beating of drums and chanting. But now performances are choreographed to make it more attractive and interesting...

... hadrah could be further promoted in Brunei if there is a national association of hadrah set up. "We have a national team for silat and gasing (top spinning), but not for hadrah. We cannot just rely on mukim and schools to promote the activity, it has to be done at a national level...

-- The Brunei Times