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My full review of the family promo meal at Sanur Indonesian Restaurant as heard on the Jenny M show @ KristalFM today:

  • Tahu telor: What can I say? Perfecto! Gusto! Making tahu telor is an artform I reckon, and the chef at Sanur's got it down pat. Always delicious and always hits the spot!
  • Ayam Goreng Bumbu: I think this was the highlight of the meal (cos the tahu telur was foregone conclusion). Very nicely marinated chicken fried to perfection. Was good by itself. Inda payah becacah lagi. Kids absolutely loved it cos it wasn't too spicy. Mental note: next time order double serve heheheh!
  • Sambal Udang: The Sambal prawns were different to what you normally get in other indonesian restaurants. Usually the prawns are cooked in the sambal but here its what appears to be pre-boiled prawns served with sambal on top. Perhaps its to keep the prawns fresh. I like the sambal.. a lot!
  • Beef Rendang: Rendang is one of Sanur signature dishes and its definitely got that indonesian flavor. Spicy! The kids had a bit of trouble with it. My second daughter summed it up, "Nyaman.. tapi padassss!" I liked the fact that they offer to cut it into smaller pieces cos rendang generally uses quite big cuts of meat with long grain.
  • Gado-gado: It was quite spicy but delicious. You can taste the peanuts cos its freshly made. Perhaps cut up the egg into smaller portions so its easier to bagi-bagi?
  • Sop Asam: Reminded me too much of tomyam. They should re-think that one. Perhaps sop daging or tulang would be more appropriate?
  • Ambience would have been better if there was some gamelan or keroncong music in background?
  • What happened to the pre-dinner keropok and sambal? I liked those... a lot heheh.
  • Also missing was the signature attire for Sanur service staff. I like those... very smart. I assume it'll be back once they get permanent staff...
  • Serve size was ok, but if you have a hearty appetite, bring 3 friends and order the meal for six. Sure tersandar one!!
  • Overall, a very satisfying meal, served promptly and without fuss.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10. Points taken away for lack of ambience, no more keropok and sambal, and the soup. Extra points for offering to cut the beef, the polite and attentive service staff, and of course that perfect tahu telor!

I'm definitely going back to try the other dishes on the promo set menu esp the Ikan Pepes that Rano's always raving about heheheh. Thanks to Sanur and KristalFM for inviting me to sample the cuisine! Cool bananas...

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Anonymous said…
Great review on your meal at Sanur on Kristal FM just now. I'll definitely be trying out the promo set meals this week! Look forward to hearing more reviews from you :)
Nina Suria said…
I missed ur review.. tetido ku.. :D

btw tauhu telornye memang nyaman da babas.. and da sambal too.. tp rasanya kurang 'malatop' compare sama basenye di Spore..

p/s we dine at sheraton lst nite n... the cranberry crembrulle huhuhuhuhu abis taya...
Anonymous said…
foods ... foods ... go away ... come again another day .... tais liur ku .. mun miani I'll never be able to control my diet any longer ... ha..ha...

d only plus point - good shots brada ... u really got d talent ... bulih jadi photo journalist sudah nie.

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