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All hail the DRIVE-THROUGH...

The solution to our woes is here at last! The need to park oh so far away from the entrance and actually have to walk from parking lot to the shop may soon be over if this trend continues.

All hail the DRIVE-THROUGH. This concept is something which has been around globally for a very long time of course, but for some reason, was never adopted in Brunei. Let's see how DQ fares with it. Looking at sites like YPI and if items 3, 22, 38, and 44 on Mr BR's you know you're Bruneian post are true, then it will take off for sure.

On another unrelated note, congrats to Rano on the purchase of his Canon EOS400D from the proceeds of his winnings on Livewire heheh. Don't forget bro, the Canon 50mm 1.8 II is a must have for the discerning shutterbug!

Cool bananas...


  1. I have always wondered why we never had drive-throughs. Ani kan kitani ani kebilangan pemalas, punggung pun indakan tehangkat. In theory this should be a hit with us here in Brunei. Where is this btw? I need to know just so that I can experience this for my self. Mun ampir rumah, bisai. It would my ultimate singgah place all the time. I seem to remember we had a "honk in"? service at McD's dulu2. I guess that didnt get off coz kitani ani pemalu kan ter honk2. And I think Citibank still has that drive through ATM machine d batu 1

  2. The drive-through in the pic was in tutong. Smart move picking a low traffic town to trial the concept. If you try it, let me know how it went k? Heheh!

    Honk in McD?? When was this?? The citibank drive through machine is great, look at the queue during payday heheh!

  3. This reminds me of the donut crazy mall cop "Ralph" from the Drabble cartoon. wow ... I just can't enough of these "drabblations" syndrome off my head he..he..

  4. aii aiii di tutongg???? jauh bahhh... sheesh.. cool tah tutong ni hehe..

  5. hehe.. dude, thanks and I already booked two lenses =)

  6. I disagree with the idea of a drive through. Our urban life is privatised. We are all getting lazy. Where is the vibrance of people that an urban place should have? It is better to not have drive-throughs than to have it and become harder to lose it.


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