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The Boatmakers...

Was in Tutong this morning getting my fix of Soto Hj Tuah after which I dropped by an old friend's fibreglass fabrication workshop. I hadn't been there in some time and it looks like business is humming away very nicely.

Seri Melati Enterprise has been around for quite some time, since 1977. It started as a small boat-making workshop catering to the local fishing community and has since grown into quite a sizeable company producing boats in all shapes in sizes. They've even launched their own range of fibreglass boats under the brand of AMIRA.

Aside from boats, these guys also fabricate all sorts of fibreglass items like fish-tanks, tables, slides, planter-boxes, and even giant teapots like the one at one of the roundabouts in Kuala Belait. They are also well-known for fabricating and installing automotive body kits.

My first attempt at HDR imaging
Very cool... If you have a sudden urge to buy a custom-made fishing or leisure boat, or even to pimp your ride with a custom body-kit, give them a call at 4222224.


  1. Maybe they can do "Pimp my Mutu Tambang" ! hehehehhe sorry..i couldnt resist..hehehhe

  2. Nings: Heheheh! Katun jua utak mu ani! Imagine doing an MTV series called Pimp My Mutu!

  3. cheap place to get fibre glass car mods ... kalau bali original bodykits buang duit saja and i think lama sudah bisnes ani ...

  4. custom bodykits? mayb i can have AMG lookalike bodykits for my merz.

  5. moglie: yeah, these guys have been around since 1977

    husini: heheh, I saw a merc there yesterday which just had a bodykit installed tapi alum cat... looked very sweet bro ;)

    nings: how bout this? MTV Pimp My Temuai!

  6. really? must check this out. ada special discount kah if i mention your name? hahaha

  7. Eeerrr.....Whats a Temuai? Please not merati lah

  8. Husini: Ya just mention my name, and you get extra 20% ADDED to the price hahahaha! Seriously though, if u wanna pimp yr merc, lemme know, I'll work out a sweet deal for ya! ;)

    Nings: Naaahhh ketara cia alum pernah ke temburong! Temuai ani macam perahu tapi flat bottomed so it can traverse shallow streams :)

  9. Hey Reeda, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I have been looking to pimp my car up since I lost from front lip (car's not mine) from constantly hitting it against all sorts of crap. Would love to give them a call to work something out fr me. Are they very busy all the time?

  10. been to Temburong..*blush*..drove through it once..on the way to KK about 2 years ago...oh and stopped by the Govt rest house...

    I know those long skinny boats....ok..learnt something today..hehehehhe

  11. BKK: Yeah, just givem a call and mention my name. They'll take good care of you mate. :)

  12. Hi Bro! Me and the wife went 2 TTG to search for it a while back but failed. Just a week ago, a colleague of mine started asking around the office about it too but he got struck out as well.

    Can you post the gerai's address pls?? Thanks!


  13. P.S. I was referring to Gerai Soto Hj Tuah there... ; )

  14. caesarsalad: I'll do you one better, here's the map to Gerai Soto Haji Tuah. Hope it helps! Hehehe!


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