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Haven't posted any pics of the little man for some time...
Poor little fella's got the sniffles :(


Vixennova said…
Auwww cute eh...

Get well soon sweetiee... make sure daddy keeps you hydrated and give you some vitamins.

Always have faith on Scotts Emulsion, mix em with water in his drinking glass (at this time its best not to share utensils), use colourful straws and say its juice. Works all the time.
AnakBrunei said…
Tks aunty ZT, daddy's been giving me Dimetapp Elixir since yesterday. Seems to be working, I feel better.

Oh, tks for reminding me re scotts emulsion! I like the orange flavored one! Will surely get daddy to mix me some tomorrow morning!!
Vixennova said…
Always a pleasure, its lovely to see the lil ones getting better.

Lemme know if you're bringing your boy to Pablo's this weekend. I might be bringin my lil big man. Let him mingle with the bigger boys at the Senor's casa.
Nings said…
The sniffles are going daughter had it the since tuesday...and missed 2 days of school...came with complimentary cough and fever too..and now Mama has the cough and sniffles too...with my daughter's compliments..

My daughter was really good with taking the scotts emulsion...but she has figured out the diff between orange juice and "orange juice"...hehehhe....they should come out with new flavours...

I used to stock up on cough and flu lollipops from Perth....its was brilliant and yummy too...

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