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North Borneo Toyota Christmas Wonderland...

Thought I'd share this email I received from Dads and Daughters.
We learn in the childhood nursery rhyme that little girls are made of “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.” How does a “sweet and nice” little girl become a police officer, a stock broker, or an astrophysicist? The prism through which we view the world is placed over our eyes from our youngest days, and it creates gender bias and unrealistic expectations for both girls and boys. Perhaps the so-called “fairer gender” would simply prefer a world that is fair, fair to them as people.

The currency of the modern workplace is knowledge. This is not gender-specific. Both men and women are needed in the knowledge workforce. Yet women are still under-represented in the sciences, mathematics and engineering. Have our earliest perceptions about girls and women caused this? Do the stories we read and watch in earliest childhood condition us to steer girls away from certain types of educational pursuits and career objectives?

We believe that the aspirations of a young girl should be valued and nurtured. Fathers are crucial to this process as they can help demolish the barriers that society relentlessly raises when it comes to girls.


  1. Looks nothing like in Brunei, very nice. I wish every business or organisation should do decorations on a big scale like this especially during Raya.

  2. Very very nice picture of NBT's deco...very 'Christmasy' feel! only thing missing is snow flakes and snow!

  3. good thing you captured the nice deco, before it got destroyed by a bunch of drunk aussies. I'm sorry to say this, but drunk aussies especially the young 20 somethings are a problem everywhere they go...

  4. Fabulous shots! I'm glad my kids and I saw it before it got destroyed.

  5. BKK: yeah they should bring in a snow machine like they did at Empire some years ago! That's give it an authentic feel eh?

    Jewelle: I've yet to go to NBT again but I'm sure they've rebuilt the display :)


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