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Golden Smile...

I think by now, just about every Bruneian around the world who's got access to the internet has read the article in the Daily Telegraph. Nevermind the contents of the article (lets leave that to the lawyers and the law), the pictures were awesome! I must say, HRH has aged very well indeed. When I saw the pictures, one word came to mind, "Regal". Tell ya what... if ever there was a need for a poster boy for "royalty", HRH would be a prime candidate...

Voting has closed for JPG Magazine Issue 8. My thanks to those who took the time to actually sign up to JPG Mag in order to vote for my pic. Terima kasih daun kesum.

Incidentally, I got an email saying I've been listed in VFXY Photos, the prestigious photoblog syndication community. VFXY stands for quality in visual arts. To that end, VFXY tries to syndicate photoblogs that meet a certain quality standard. To be VFXY approved means to have already reached a high level of quality. For this reason, very few blogs (of the thousands available) make it into the participants’ list.

As you can imagine, I'm well chuffed!

Extract of the email:
Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for your submission to VFXY Photos.

Sorry for the delay. We have a lot of applications and to ensure quality of listed photoblogs we manually check them one by one.

Thanks for support and linking to us!

I've proudly added your photoblog. Thank you. Great photos!!!

If you have any question please feel free to contact me.

Lev Kolobov
End note: I did a search on VFXY and sadly no other Bruneian photoblogs are listed yet. I assume no one's submitted yet, so c'mon G'Ferro, Mizi, Zadm, Kantalensa, Bruneian, Bald, Pixels-n-Grains, Puzian, Cat Eye, Sifu, and I'm sure there are others, submit your awesome sites lah and lets put Bruneian photobloggers on the map!


  1. The girls in my family and I were talking about good looking people in general one time (crappy girl talk involving only one topic: good looking boys and men), and somehow in one way or another, HRH came up, and we agreed that he's the most good looking one among a few royals.

    By the way, congrats for being listed in VFXY photoblog community. Your pics are very good.

  2. congrats..what a right time for u when u just gave your site a new facelift. I do admit, all your shots are awesome.

  3. hey! congrats! here's too moreeeeeee awesome pictures. hehehe....

  4. Grats bro. I have submitted mine after reading this entry :) ..

  5. Bro Reeda...congratzzz...:) loving ur picz dude...keep up the good work...

  6. Salut!! Keep it up! What made me proud of you more was the fact that you asked others to join in your triumph!! Hehehehe

  7. Tks guys! Your kind words inspire me to greater heights of the photographic artform. I hope you will continue to inspire me!

    Pablo: If we don't do it, who else will right?

  8. great! let's put Brunei on the map! I've tried to submit mine but apparently there's something about blogdrive I believe. I just sent a message to VFXY for their help

  9. Congrats bro .. btw .. alum ku ter submit ... sibuk ku nyanta .. esuk-esuk tah mun inda gagau ... at least u udah ada jadi wakil .. ok lah tu ... sama jua ceritanya tu ... ;)


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