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Gambus Caliente!

What an exhilarating night! I haven't been to a gambus party for such a long time. It was great listening to the wonderful toe-tapping rhythms and beats of the boys from Kumpulan Gambus Kunci Batu. They are so ROCK!

Thank you Don Diego for inviting me over to cover the event AND to the Montoyas for supporting the charity calendar project by buying nearly FIFTY calendars in total!

Terima kasih banyak2 to Bizzie Lizzie as well for featuring the calendar project in today's BB. It has been so great to receive heart-warming offers of help on this project. Suddenly my target of 1000 pieces doesn't seem so impossible after all...

I just hope my trusty Canon printer holds up :)


abid137 said…
gambus is in...sentimentalists are out....kinky stuff ere...wish i wuz der...but i wuz in mpire...listening to shaf the guitarist and Wo ai ni..launch CD...uuurrrgghh...
anakbrunei said…
Gambus music ROCKS man! I've always loved it... Teringat masa dulu mangayau gambus bersama teman2 seperjuangan sampai ke tutong, lamunin, sungai liang, danau etc heheheh!
Bruneian said…
Pengayauan jua bro reeda ani panya :)
Jewelle Tan said…
I didn't know that gambus can make such kmusic that people can dance to. Its middle-easternish kind of music isn't it? From the pictures, it looks very happening.
Pablo said…
Bro... I think last nite u ROCKED too..The way u were shooting.... awesome. We were all pleased by your presence as well. Thanks for coming!!

Abid 137...sorry u missed it..hehehe...we had a swell time.. ada featuring musician from middle-east that u missed as well.hehehe

Jewelle.. happy holidays.. yes.. gambus is really happening...
Anonymous said…
he... heee.... welldone anakbrunei, v thank for your present at our gambuss. that nite in kb..... hidup gambuss......,
V love the way you took the pictures that nite, appreciate for your kindess to come to kb. tq.
our next event Raya haji ada korban 15 ekor kambing n 2 EKOR SAPI, PLEASE COME FOR AWHILE TO KB. SELAMAT HARI RAYA KORBAN. AMIN.
From. Tok arab@86
Anonymous said…
Hi, It was the great night that day...HIDUP GAMBUS...HEHEHHE,

Yea, we really having good gatering that night especially with the presence of Gambus and anak Brunei...and alot of happening that night...really thank you very much for your presence. Looking forward for the next event...Welcome to year 2007.
From: Sherry.

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