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Faces - Part 1

This is the first of a series called "Faces". I've always been fascinated with the human face. The lines, the curves, the shadows, the blemishes, the hair, the colours, the scars... truly intriguing. I think of all things that I photograph, the human face is definitely my favorite subject... More to come.
Whisper: You know that new radio station which is supposed to start soon? On a dare, I submitted my CV. Heck I even submitted a demo.

Go on, have a giggle... on the house :)


  1. Wah bro.. I like it. oh ya, it does not sound like you :) control ayu kah bro? hehe

  2. Hmm.. I'm sure whether you really talk like that with that tone.. But, I got to admit that that voice sounds really "DJ-ish"

  3. i've linked your blogspot to mine, that is if you don't mind. i find your pictures really amazing. i guess investing in a good camera is worth it yeah. oh btw, you sure can do a fair job being a DJ. haha. maybe you ought to try being a guest DJ someday.

  4. Good luck Bro! It would be good to hear you on Radio.. Dr Love.. Barry White.. ehemmmm... or unless you want to humour everyone with your Sergey Russian accent..hahahahaa.. Do you still remember that??

    p/s great pics. again...espy my architect.. hehee

  5. bruneian: no lah, I always speak like that wat ;)

    nonnie: DJ-ish? hehehe

    sierra: tks for yr kind words, yes a good camera is definitely worthwhile but its only 20% of the equation ;)

    Part time DJ? Lets see heheh one of these days :)

    pablo: tks heheh yes I remember very much mimicking my good friend sergei heheh d mana ya masa ani ah? jadi menteri tia kali sudah pakah? hehehh

  6. Anyhow.. I lurrrveee it Bro ... I pray you would get it :)

  7. yea microphonic voice bro hehe...

  8. macam suara Barry White, not bad. All the best with audition.


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