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The "WOW" Starts Now!

Congratulations to one of my key figures in ICT development in Brunei Darussalam on his well-deserved appointment.

I attended a launching ceremony of the Microsoft office in Brunei. HRH the Crown Prince was the guest of honour. During the ceremony, HRH was presented with a spiffy, mouth-watering Lamborghini notebook. I bet many in the audience, including your's truly, wished they were at the receiving end at that particular moment.

There was also a demo on Windows Vista, Microsoft's update to the aging Windows XP operating system. All I saw was the bells and whistles. I guess I'd need a deeper technical explanation of all its new features in order to convince me to upgrade. I just hope its not a Windows Millennium type of release... nuff sed.


  1. Nice 3D effect in the last pic!!!

  2. lina: thats wasnt deliberate and now that you mention it, I like the effect too heheh!

    fadi: wow jua! heheh

    Check out more pics from the launching event here

  3. good event I heard but the organisers forgot to invite AiTi
    :( ooopppssss.

  4. Microsoft Vista... I'm planning on getting my Macbook Pro ;-)

  5. Good looking certainly but watch out the resources it requires and not forgetting the drivers thingy.

    But then again I will vouch for the Mac if looks are the X factors that you're eyeing for ...

  6. VN: woops thats a big boo boo! I'll make sure to let them know about this oversight :)

    rozi: wow! a macbook pro!! I want one too!!

    moglie: vista takes on many of the features which were found in mac OS for some time. whats new?

  7. moglie - OS X does more than look good. Trust me :D

    Rozi, AnakBrunei - I've been using the MacBook Pro for sometime now. Best 4k I've ever spent in my life. Buy it! I believe QQ e-store has a better deal


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