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For my daughters...

There's no better friend than a sister -
There's no one more loyal and true . . .
and even when sisters are different . . .
their likeness come shining through!
Perhaps it's a family resemblance
that strengthens the bond they share . . .
or maybe it's just that sisters
live life with a similar flair!
A sister remembers your childhood -
She knows more than you will admit
of times you were Little Miss Perfect . . .
and times you gave others a fit!
She's seen you in some situations
when silence just wouldn't suffice . . .
and managed somehow to get by
with those sisterly words of advice!
And when some encouragement's needed . . .
a sister will always be there . . .
to listen . . . to laugh . . .or to lean on . . .
to comfort, or simply to care.
There's no one who's more in your corner . . .
and no one you're more grateful to.
There's no better friend than a sister . . .
and no better sister than you.
from "There Is No Friend Like A Sister" by Mary Engelbreit
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  1. thats a very beautiful picture.. are those your daughters in the picture?

  2. Thank you. Yes those are my two elder daughters.

  3. Yupp I love my sisters too.. without them who can I compete with on the Karaoke and who to bully until they cry.. and who will receive, willingly, hand-me-down clothes? I love them to bits.. Sisters are inseparable.

  4. Vixen, since u had a big family, I have a question. Did u use to fight like cats and dogs? Thats what my girls are doing, and its driving me nutzzzz :( Hence this post :)

  5. Reeda, catfights are a must amongst the female species.. especially when they r under d same roof.. best way to avoid it.. separation of bedrooms, they'll start missing each other and appreciate each others existence. We had that.. ohh we learnt a great lesson from it. And now in separate houses, I miss my sisters more..

  6. i think it's also to do with age. my sister and i used to kick each other, shout, swear and pull each others hair when we fought, and we fought ALL the time. now we're both grown up and i'm closest with her than all my other siblings :)

  7. Interesting situation.. I must admit I don't any experience with daughters since mine are all boys.. Some of my experiences with Da Boys include using the 'time-out' method where the rival siblings are asked to go into different corners/room depend on the space of your house, to think over and try to become civil again. It did work for us. We do have couple of rules/understanding among the family during times of arguement. No Swearing words or shouting. Each of the defendants are allowed to present their cases so that each of them have their say or being listened (sounds like a court case..huh.. but intention here is to be fair to them).
    Some of the arguements are kinda trivial as children normally like to get our attention all the time. I normally ask them to kiss and make up once the issue is resolved and for them to promise to be nice to each other.This include shaking hands and a hug. Sometimes.. the session will end with ice-cream for everyone just to chill out the situation or go out together.
    At times... when I do get fed-up with their antics.. I just say to them.. you resolve it among yourselves.. I did drive the message to them.. that their rivalry is kinda trivial.
    But there is a saying...air di cincang.. tak akan putus...So..I guess it'a all part of growing up for our kids and we as, parents need to help them on how to deal with their emotions. Good luck!

  8. beautiful pic with beautiful it!


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