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Berhati-hati di jalan raya musim raya ani...

Taken this afternoon along the Brunei-Tutong highway near Jerudong... It looked like a self-accident. It was raining heavily and the road was slippery... Please take care while driving especially during this festive month...

Update (30/10/06): The Borneo Bulletin today carried the story of the accident. Inalillahi wa inalillahi rajiun... Takziah to the family of the young lady who was killed in the horrific crash... Al faaatihah...


e7 said…
i was too amongst the people who got stuck in the traffic yday afternoon. When i read today's paper there it was with a shocking headline. My condolences to the famly of the girl and i second your statement "berhati-hati di jalan musim raya ani"
amyheidi said…
The pictures you took were even more horrific than the one at the front page of the bulletin.

'Berhati-hati di jalan raya' not just in musim raya, but also in non-musim raya. One of my seniors died last year through self accident in the rain as well. Her husband collided into a thin tree, but the impact was so great that she fell out of the car (according to witnesses) and the husband's car (an old Ford model with tough body) was severely wrecked. That taught me not to drive fast during rainy seasons.

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