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Paintball (Hopping) Mad in Brunei!

From wikipedia:
Paintball is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with paintballs (spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye) shot from a compressed-gas-powered "marker".

Insurance statistics show that paintball is one of the safest sports in existence, even more so than tennis.

A game of paintball usually involves two opposing teams seeking to eliminate all of the other team's players or to complete an objective, such as retrieving a flag, eliminating a specific player, or other paintball variations. An average, non-professional game of paintball usually lasts around five minutes to half an hour. Since its inception, paintball has drawn a crowd of both casual and serious players.
From here:
Paintball is currently illegal in Brunei, as the markers are considered firearms under Brunei law. There are paintball games, though, affairs held on private land with markers carefully brought into the country. Team Southern Cobra is working to change the laws. Comprised of players in Brunei and their teammates abroad at medical school in Cardiff, UK, the team lobbies the Brunei government while building a hardcore following of student players in Cardiff.
Last Sunday, in the midst of a paintball tournament held on private premises (of which quite a few had already been conducted), the authorities raided the place, and confiscated more than B$60,000.00 worth of gear. This came as a complete shock to everyone as thus far, the authorities had been silent. Speaking to Brunei's paintball heavyweight, Panglima Manggis, I learnt that there is so far no word from the authorities on when and if all the expensive equipment would be returned.

I've never tried paintball, but it looks like a bonza sport, and its very fast and intense physically. It should give the old ticker a good workout! I really do hope the authorities will consider legalizing this harmless sport so that I can give it a go!


Rozi said…
Wow... I played paintball here once, somewhere in a samak off jalan Kebangsaan. You park at the side of the road and walk through the greens for another 15 or so minutes. I was the only girl at that game. Needless to say I helped my team win by removing the last opponent of the opposite team, which was my then boyfriend who was caught by surprise with the killer shot he got, I snuck up and whacked him twice, one on the abdomen and the other on his thigh.

End of the game I had about a couple of bruises which took a while to disappear, but it was worth it! Love the game, been looking for one something similar since.
Anonymous said…
wah, that's just great.. where are we going to play non-jungle paintball now ?
Nonnie King said…
This post is making me sad...


I'm suppose to have fun with Paintball this weekend and the owner last minute cancelled it due to whatever problems..

Cosplayer said…
pretty sure paintball is NOT illegal. it's not a gun, a firearm and it's not an airgun even..

and it cant be modified. it's essentially a blowpipe.

they better gets things right, coz' i can't wait to play paintball
Anonymous said…
Bah....whens the next match of paintball? Wat are we goin to do during weekend? lepak d kedai kopi, the mall or the parking lot? pls.....sort it out....
Anonymous said…
This is boring la...did you know paintball can attract tourism? Players from all over the country such as malaysia, singapore, mirian, etc can come here for tournment. Our young people here in Brunei has so much potential. And what do they think of MAJU SUKAN UNTUK NEGARA. Think bout it. I even heard that the Brunei team has played in UK and even in Malaysia Tournment. I myself have play paintball and say that its the safest game ever. A very well dicipline game i say...
wow paintball in brunei hopefully paintball will be a popular here in asia. try to play scenario/woods ball paintball it is more exciting.

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