Free Paintball!

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  1. If we've proper regulation then it's OK. Until then there are tendencies of misuses. No disrespect to operators who I think have done a good job maintaining the safety standard. Maybe it's just a matter of legalisation.

  2. Guess were back to throwing stones n sticks then?

  3. wah love the free paintball bits. it's time we get paintball on the road, I can't wait to play some day against malaysian teams or ASEAN teams in an international tournament

    Maju Paintball SUkan untuk Brunei !!

  4. Wow! Those words were powerful man...Free the Sport, Free the Spirit! Always remember those words from here.

    I find it ridiculous how such a small thing like paintball can be so hard to be approved. For crying out loud its approved everywhere else.

    Go Paintball Brunei!
    However, as long as the spirit believes - we shall prevail!

  5. yeah really powerful words, FREE PAINTBALL NOW !! maybe the police do not want us to play paintball so that we all do dumb things like do drugs, steal and have gangfights and keep them in a job ?!

    paintball is happeming around the world and still in brunei.. no one can stop it..,,


  6. FREE THE SPIRIT, FREE THE SPORT???? I don think "many people" knows the meaning of that. Thats why so many youngster do drugs, stealing, lepak here and there. Paintball is about team building, safety, planning new strategy, communication and most of all, stress relieve. Then why is archery set up in Brunei??? Isnt that a weapon?

  7. Man...I dun understand why they are trying to stop paintball. If they wanted they might as well stop us from watching paintball (platun) on Malaysia channel.

    I go envious when other countries are ahead of us playing paintball. Hopefully, one day maybe i can join in and give it a try on Brunei soil

  8. Agree with Moglie. Its not a registered sport yet. I think the charges more towards collecting money without permit or something like that and importing without permit. Nothing to do with paintball at all.

  9. Jaymz, just to clarify the warrent mentioned about the firearms and explosive act but no technical investigation was/will ever be conducted and not on municipal charges.

    It is not a registered association but the operators never ran it a association but ran it as a business in which they do have a company.


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