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Somebody got a new toy...

More about this here and here.
  • Stylish, retro design 10.0 Megapixel digital camera with 6x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer Technology for steady, long zoom shooting
  • DIGIC III Image Processor with Face Detection Technology for superior image quality, fast operation and low power consumption
  • Large 2.5-inch LCD monitor with wide viewing angle for easier on-camera viewing
  • ISO 1600 to reduce image blur and expand low-light shooting capability
  • Compatible with a number of auxiliary lenses and EOS Speedlite flashes for extended photographic capabilities
  • Easy to access ISO and Mode dials for convenient, customized shooting
  • Improved High-Resolution Movie Mode at 15 fps XGA (1024 x 768)
  • Print/Share Button for easy direct printing and downloading, plus ID Photo Print and Movie Print with Canon CP and SELPHY Compact Photo Printers


  1. It's really, really easy to see if someone somewhere is getting giddy about a new toy coming. How? Just peek over the counter at QQestore's retail location!

  2. Souljah: SPOT ON chief!! These days I cant help but take a little peek over the counter to see who bought what hehehe!

  3. you are always at promotions eating away.

    Showing pictures of good high cholesterol food, high calorie cakes. Is all this good for you? Especially since you look grossly overweight!

    You better promote some fruit juices, health supplements and healthy high fibre food for a change.

  4. Woop dee doo... My very first hate comment...

    I have arrived... ok maybe not cos the comment came from an anonymous organism but hey... cant win em all :)

    Keep it comin, but do let us know who u are k? I feel so loved now.

  5. Wow bro, a personal attack finally!! Which means "YOU ARE OFFICALLY THE MAN!!!".. hehe.. kalau balum ada hate comment alum asi tu artinya..

    As for the Mr. Anonymous..he sounds so UNEDUCATED, PATHETIC and obviously HIS/HER PARENTS have forgotten to teach him vital/essential education in life which is MANNERS!!.. apanya orang Brunei.. "KURANG AJAR".. in another ganas word BIADAP lah ah!! huhuhuh..

    Well, at least you didn't stoop down to his level.. but I can an will!!

    Mr. Anonymous for your UNFAIR COMMENT, you can KISS my LOVELY FATTTT ASS!!! XOXOXO..

  6. lagi ngomong apasih?


    I dont get it... seriously!!

    you're saying

    " you are always at promotions eating away.

    Showing pictures of good high cholesterol food, high calorie cakes. Is all this good for you? Especially since you look grossly overweight!

    You better promote some fruit juices, health supplements and healthy high fibre food for a change. "

    I think what you meant to say...

    " wuah... me inda kana bawa.. look at all those yummy foods! "

    people tends to say stuff like that especially when they're SUPER HUNGRY!!

    Life is short ... eat!! loads and loads ...

    You'll die anyway.. Personally I would rather die cause I eat what I love! than die off being a sorry ass amateurish critics!! hahaha *whose still hungry btw* LOL

    Cheers ... stop starving yourself! Now thats not healthy is it??

  7. I agree with c-ENRIZS ani.. Goood one!!

    Cemani saja AWG/DYG ANONYMOUS, kalau biskita kan mempromote "some fruit juices, health supplements and healthy high fibre food for a change"... baiktah biskita membuka BLOG SENDIRI... aku suggest title blog kita as below:



    banyak pulang lagi suggestion ku ani, ganya baiktah hari lain.. ani KAN MAKAN KU DULU!!!.. huhuh

  8. Dear Mr Anonymous a.k.a Mr Nutrionist,

    The best way to live is to be happy. Release some endorphins and indulge. Trust me health freaks finish early with the amount of depression they get from abstaining too much.

    Be haapppyyy, try a nice juicy steak for a change. If you were to read about fruits, veges & health supplements, try visiting or

    Oh ya, one more tip: get laid.

    and oh ya Mr Anonymous, I believe this post was regarding a techie-gadget? No? Sebenarnya, apa kana mengana dengan kesejahteraan rohani dan jasmani in the first place.

  9. Oh ya I forgot one important point, masa ani Veges & fruits banyak pakai pesticides, so you cant guarantee every organic you pop into you mouth is "HEALTHY".

    And health supplements may contain traces of undesired artificial colourings, sweeteners,additivies, synthetic bla bla bla.. still can't guarantee you "HEALTHY"..

    so what's healthy??? MARITAL SEX!!! and having babiesssss and plenty of home-made food and chocolates..and SMILING!

    Am I digressing the issue too much kah? Oh welll..

    Anak Brunei rocks!

  10. anonymous creature, see wat you did? u went and opened up the gates of loove... I feel so looooved now! Huahuhaha! Tks girls!! YOU ROCK!

  11. Hahaha!! You are loved big brooo!!!

    Bukan jua, c-Anonymous ani..bulih GADGETS peliatannya MAKANAN!! Atu sudah menandakan ia kurang makan VITAMIN K.. untuk kesejahteraan penglihatan.. huhuh!!

    Banartu Vixennova,c-anonymous ani guarantee KURANG KESEJAHTERAAN BATIN!! hahahaha!!

  12. Yes AB, you are lovedddd..

    Mamalobes, lain jua ah how some people react to gadgets! Hahahahah tarus lapar.. dodgy eh.


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