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To move or not to move...


  1. jgn tah relocate. on the other hand, y do u wanna relocate? is wordpress better den blogspot? what sense?

  2. Honestly, I like the move. Cleaner, more professional-looking, and faster to load. :) Commenting is also made easy and ultra painless because all info is auto-remember.

    Just my cuppa. I find Wordpress easier to use and my blog is definitely in a much better state when using Wordpress (less spam, especially)j. Why don't you try it for a month then, decide what you think?

  3. but why? This is anak brunei's Ommm. Eh salah, Home..

  4. Why would you wana relocate?

  5. I'm thinking of moving there too.

    Though, still getting used to the kinks of WP and learning CSS to make modifications to templates easier.

    But maybe, just reserve address and import posts from here to there for now?

  6. I'd move if I can import my archives.

  7. blogspot is good, never tried wordpress though. But I'll stick with blogdrive, perhaps the only one using blogdrive hehe

  8. After playing with Wordpress over the last few days, I find that it is certainly more powerful and versatile but I've decided to stick with Blogger for now :)

  9. oh, that's too bad but I say move.


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