Happy Birthday Cinta!

You've been there
to laugh with me
to cry with me,
to be proud of me,
and to be happy for all
the good things in my life...

You've shared my disappointments
and listened and helped me
through difficult times.
You're the most important part of my life...
and you always will be.
I Love you.
Happy Birthday Cinta...

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  1. awwww... dat is sooo sweet, neva tot u had it in u, to be sooo romantique. happy birthday jedah from us in bengkurong

  2. Happy birthday azedah! A May baby just like me~! May you enjoy more birthdays to come with the joy, blessings, good health life can offer you & your loved ones. From D & family :)

  3. Danura:Thanks D. Hope to see you next Monday. This week a bit hectic for me.

  4. HDM: Thanks for the bday wish. Will see you soon, with your change $ :)

    AB: Sorry to invade your blog cinta!!! Thank you for the lovely post n thank you for being there for me too. 143, heheh...

  5. Happy Birthday Azedah. Enjoy your day!

    Bila lagi cucur udang? *talan aing liur* hehe

  6. Happy B'day Azedah. A mother, a wife and a beautiful person! Continue being the cheerful person you are.

    I agree with Azian. Those cucurs with tahai dip were a dainty treat!


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