Adil, Laila, Bahagia... Pt 2

The building looks so quiet and serene from the outside, but I'm sure inside, there are people hectically preparing for the final move-in of the LegCo. Here's an interesting account from the now weekly BR of the last LegCo session before it moves into its new building.

More pics here.


  1. wow... I like the first picture. Kalau wide lagi I want to use it for my banner.... :)

  2. Yes I have a much wider shot than this. Will send to you later dude.

  3. Heyyy how did you manage to get pics in the grounds???

  4. Heheh these were taken a few days before our friendly boys in blue took their positions at the gates ;)

  5. damn, i love the first one!!!and i agree on Reza.10 thumbs up....oops only 2 thumbs.

  6. Lawa banar. Kan nangis ku liat. Maybe pasal it's blue? Or the clouds too nice? Haha. Tapi lawa berabis. Love your shots!

  7. rj63: tks bro :)

    dalila: God is the ultimate artist huh?


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