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How many of you HAVEN'T visited CNET Asia for the latest tech news and gadget reviews? If you haven't then I fully recommend it for the best reviews and priceguides which are relevant to us, since Singapore's just across the pond.

Anyway, CNET now has a new blog dispatch from Brunei Darussalam :)

Feel free to send me ideas and suggestions for posts on Kurapak Teknologi which are tech oriented and relevant to Brunei!


  1. piwitttt ada gambarnya lagi tu ehhh!!!! hahahahaha. happy writing! \m/b

  2. Thank you all heheh... suddenly I find myself in a quagmire with this cNET blog... seem to be having blogger's block heheh! I guess this is what happens when a proper contract and dollars and cents comes into the picture... oh the pressure! :D


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