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Jangan Pandang Langsung...

Pics are from yesterday's ceremony to announce the 5 candidates for the Princess Rashidah Young Nature Scientist Award 10 (PRYNSA 10) which took place at MIPR.

Took da missus to watch the much hyped Jangan Pandang Belakang last night... yawn... the highlight of the night was the siew mai we snacked on before the movie.

The movie somehow reminded me of old Indonesian horror flicks (like sundel bolong) where you have some bloke reading some verses from the holy book with heaps of echo added in for good measure. The plot was wafer thin, and the acting left a lot to be desired especially the female co-star who played Seri.

Perhaps I should have walked into the movie with different expectations but the fact that this film was rated "the scariest malaysian horror movie so far" did set a pretty high benchmark to start with.

The crowd that we had the honor of watching the movie with made me feel like we forgot to bring costumes and umbrellas for the rocky horror show. There was THAT much participation! Annoying yet fun at the same time.

Overall, I think the M'sian film-makers will fare better with love-stories and comedies instead of horror flicks. For those who are planning to watch it, wait for the VCD... unless of course you're seriously into that participatory audience thing which the mall cinema is famous for :)

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  1. yup the storyline was pretty straight forward and predictable. But Rosminah Sidek's (Opah) acting was a thumbs-up.

  2. You're right blackcat, tks for reminding me! The opah character was very well portrayed by RS. She definitely sent chills up my spine!

  3. About the PRYNSA thingy, may I make some corrections? It is actually PRYNSA 10 not PRYNSA 9 and actually there were 5 finalists not 10.... Maktab Sains, my school (I was one of the teachers receving the fake cheque yesterday). I can understand the confusion... coz I was also confused with the banner. It says ......PRYNSA 10 finalists. I thought there will be 10 finalists announced... he he. BTW, u happended to have MS's pic?

  4. Tks for the correction bro heheh! Yes I do have MS pictures taken from an angle no one else took from... the AV control room up top! Heheh! Send me an email and I'll reply with the pics k?

  5. Right, I think I'll attempt it when they show it in Astro Ria...

  6. Oh my God! I remember watching "sundal bolong". A very long time ago. thats one scary movie. took me a while to get it out of my memory. so THANK YOU for reminding me about it again! i'm really gonna be sleepless!

  7. sleepless, ehehe... I just love the satay scene! Its just one of those classics which u never get tired of! They dont make em like they used to eh? Hee hee


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