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Have you gotten your ZOOBs yet?

Was at the Sheraton earlier today and there was a bazaar happening there. Bumped into a fellow Jing Chew patron who is now bringing in these really neat new toys for kids called ZOOBs. They remind me of LEGO but they're so much better!

The whole system is based on these 5 types of components that snap together in 20 different ways making for literally endless combinations of static and moving parts. Way cool! We bought a set for little Arief although I suspect I'll be having some fun with it later as well heheh!

More about ZOOBs here and if you'd like to grab some before they run out, call Wan Chin on 8728007!


  1. If I'm not mistaken, I saw these at the Seri Qlap mall store, 2nd floor. When the store was still brand new. Hehe. Just sharing the info. =)

  2. Hi Anakbrunei,

    Thank you for these great pictures and your support! My kids love ZOOB, and have been playing with them since the wee age of 3. Kids have pretty amazing imaginations which can be expressed and explored through toys like ZOOB :) If anyone's interested, you can call me or you can pop into Icklebooks (9 Blk D, Grd Flr, Unit 9 Kiarong Complex).


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