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Soooo desu neh...

I came across this interesting site today and it certainly is food for thought for those contemplating joining THE COMPANY...


  1. From google reader, the photos sal seafood paradise but on your blog, japanese food. Cana boleh atu?

    That link is interesting. For new grads, it's a good place to develop and work. For mature hire, it depends on u r reason of joining but it's still a good place to work especially on the technical side. That guy probably too tired of listening too much BS everyday.

  2. i love all food.. :)

  3. Checked out the interesting site as mentioned and I don't know about you, but this person is either one of those super smart professional who can really deliver brilliant results and thus expects nothing less than perfection in the company he/she works with OR he is just an unrealistic dreamer...Interesting read though.

    Need to go to Excapade soon, those salmon sashimi is calling...

  4. Jewelle, you'll just have to ask my boss and my colleagues which one I am. Nothing is unrealistic, except that we are conditioned by our environment to think it is so. If we think it is unrealistic, we'll always take a defeatist view of life. If we do that, we might as well say Brunei will never improve and will always be like this. I simply choose not to do so. I'll rather be an unrealistic dreamer who try to reach for those stars than never try, trapped by our own mindset of 'this is not possible'.

  5. That's a little more of an idealist me think .... but in real world we need to take things in a more realistic perspective. The reason being ... humans are imperfect.

    You can name and learn in any schools of thoughts but life is so full of imperfections, so are the ways we conditioned ours ... unfortunately ... basic rules of survival ... maybe ...

  6. Be patient my young padawan .. 6 months aint nothing. You got to have patient

    Nothing can be done overnight, let alone, change


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