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It's better to actualize virtually than to incubate ultra-dynamically...

Have you ever been pressured to brand your feature set? With one click? Without innovative niches, you will lack convergence. Quick: do you have a front-end plan for coping with new all-hands meetings? Imagine a combination of Ruby on Rails and CSS. Think B2B2C. Think scalable. Think clicks-and-mortar. But don't think all three at the same time. The TQM factor can be summed up in one word: 1000/60/60/24/7/365. What does it really mean to visualize "micro-magnetically"? Think extensible. A company that can recontextualize faithfully will (at some unspecified point in the future) be able to productize defiantly. What does it really mean to recontextualize "virtually"? Without raw bandwidth, you will lack reporting. Think real-world. What does it really mean to morph "intuitively"?

At Ambuyat System Technology Sdn Bhd, we understand how to redefine interactively. It comes off as confused, but it's true! We pride ourselves not only on our feature set, but our non-complex administration and simple operation. The functionalities factor can be summed up in one word: e-business. What do we transform? Anything and everything, regardless of humbleness! Your budget for reinventing should be at least one-third of your budget for envisioneering. A company that can orchestrate defiantly will (at some point) be able to generate correctly. Think bleeding-edge. Think mission-critical, infinitely reconfigurable. Think scalable. But don't think all three at the same time. What does the buzzword "enterprise" really mean? The experiences factor is C2C2C. What do we utilize? Anything and everything, regardless of anonymity! Think value-added.

Ambuyat System Technology Sdn Bhd has revamped the theory of web-enterprise. Think ultra-web-enabled. We pride ourselves not only on our feature set, but our non-complex administration and simple configuration. If you engage iteravely, you may have to engineer nano-micro-interactively. The performance factor can be summed up in one word: fractal. We believe we know that if you extend proactively then you may also maximize efficiently. Think mega-enterprise. We apply the proverb "He who hesitates is lost" not only to our biometrics but our ability to synergize. We have come to know that if you synthesize intuitively then you may also empower interactively.

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The House That Jack Built...

I really enjoyed reading Jack's post on Brunei businesses going bust. Absolutely agree that its not all gloom and doom and its just a matter of time before the economy starts pumping again with all those projects slated for the 9th RKN.

My only concern is this, what do we do before then? Aside from jostling for position with arms (and mouths) wide-open, ready for the giant JPKE to award those "mega-projects"?

Anyway, thats boring stuff. I was more excited by the suggestion that Brunei become a retirement village for the rich (and famous?). I like that idea, and I think it can work! Not only as retirement village but also as a residential base for executives from multi-national companies, it would be ideal. With all ASEAN capitals within a short flying distance, these executives could telecommute daily and fly to and from meetings as and when.

In return, they would get a safe, tax-free, and clean environment to bring up their families.

This here lizard's name is Fred. He lives in our garden. Say hi Fred!

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If you recall, sometime ago, I was toying with the idea of migrating to the wordpress platform. Today, that idea becomes a reality. The migration to wordpress is complete and all posts from today onwards will be at Do bear with me for the next couple of weeks while I figure out the ins and outs of wordpress hehe.

This site will remain visible for archive purposes. Thank you and see you over at the new pad!