Why blog?

Following on from my previous post, I had a few discussions with others regarding the blogging phenomenon. Some of the questions raised were what constitutes a responsible blogger, the answer to which I put in a response to my previous post. But another interesting question that came up was, "Why do people blog?"

Below are some possible answers:

Ego gratification. Some people need to be the center of attention. It makes them feel good about themselves to tell the world what important things they've been doing and what profound thoughts they've been having. Curiously, while this looks like the most obvious reason for a Web log, I think it's probably the least likely reason, since it's too trite and shallow.

Antidepersonalization. When people begin to think that they are nothing more than a cog in the wheel of society, they look for any way to differentiate themselves. The Web log proves they are different. Just read it. You'll see.

Elimination of frustration. Day-to-day life is wrought with frustration, and the Web log gives people the ability to complain to the world. You get to read a lot of complaining in these logs. If you think I'm a complainer, oh boy!

Societal need to share. As a cynic, I have a hard time with this explanation. But it seems some people genuinely like to "share," and this is one way.

Wanna-be writers. A lot of people want to be published writers. Blogs make it happen without the hassle of getting someone else to do it or having to write well—although there is good writing to be found. Some is shockingly good. Most of it is miserable. I expect to see those Open Learning classes around the country offering courses in Blog writing.

Any other possible reasons?


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    I would add Therapy as another reason. People need to "talk to" people about things that have happened to them. Sometimes friends and family are too close to the subject matter. Having a blog allows some people to share their experiences with people that aren't directly involved in their lives.

  2. neither fast nor quickAugust 29, 2006 at 9:06 PM

    Because. Memory, though I think mine is good, is less reliable than the Internet. The all-knowing, the info-caching, Internet - it is there to listen, to store... memories which had brought us where we are. If we choose, we can learn from it.. if we want, we could pass something to our little ones...

    One can also use it as a virtual etch-a-sketch to leave messages to friends and family. Not as a substitute for regular communication or contact, but... imagine seeing your friend/family member and your conversation is already, not one, but a few steps ahead of "so what's new?". Time saved? Yes. World peace? Not soon; but we're inching slowly but surely to get there...


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