TheBeeHive: Sate Ala Jawa

When I read BobbyGoodegg's review of Sate Ala Jawa I had to try it out and true enough, it ROCKS! I love the sate kambing lah.. very generous pieces and it actually tastes like lamb. And the gravy tastes great with the added tang of lemongrass although it could have been a little more pekat... Overall 4 out of 5 from me.

On a second outing, I really enjoyed the Ayam Penyet and the Daging Penyet. Both were pretty good. The chicken was nice and smashed and very tender. The beef was marinated in kecap manis I think before deep fried. The sambal just nice, not eye-wateringly hot like in some other places. Oh, you're right, the service was rather curt but despite that, there were people waiting for seats! People must be still flush with cash from payday eh? ;-)


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