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Brunei Cup 2007 - Series 3

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Brunei Cup 2007 - Series 2

Brunei Cup 2007 - Series 1

To all Malaysian viewers, friends, and relatives, SELAMATHARIMERDEKA ke 50!

The 2007 Brunei Open Kicks Off (or is it Tees Off?)

I never really did understand the thrill in whacking a small ball some distance with a club and going after it to whack it some more, and finally getting it into a hole in the middle of nowhere. I still don't get the game of golf, but I'm a tiny minority among the millions if not billions of golfers and golfing-fans out there.

Anyway, if I did in fact take up the game, I don't think I'd be anywhere near winning the really handsome prize of US$300,000.00 for the Brunei Open which starts today. I don't really know much about golf and who the big contenders are, but here's wishing them all the best in the tournament and may the best whacker get the most balls in the holes with the least possible number of whacks!

Of lemons, endeavours, and... SPLAT?

I attended a small gathering at the Australian High Commissioner's residence yesterday evening to welcome Tony Davis, a Sydney-based writer and editor who has worked in newspapers, magazines and publishing during a 25-year career, and to bid farewell to a young Bruneian, Ang Chui Boon, who is leaving today for a 4 month stint in Canberra under the Australian government's Endeavour programme.

The Endeavour Program is an internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program that forms part of the Australian Government's $1.4 billion Australian Scholarships initiative. The Endeavour Program brings leading researchers, executives and students to Australia to undertake short or long term study, research and professional development in a broad range of disciplines and enables Australians to do the same abroad.

According to Dave, the scholarship applications are pretty straightforward, and he encouraged more Bruneians to apply for it. Applications are closed for this year, b…

What comes after two?

Signed, sealed, delivered...

How bout that huh? A menu from celebrity chef Bobby Chinn's restaurant in Hanoi signed by the man himself! Many thanks to the Shimster for getting Bobby to sign the menu and for bringing it back to Brunei safe and sound! You da man! Oh, and Bobby, if you're reading this, thanks muchly! When you come to Brunei, I'll buy you breakfast at Jing Chew!

iCentre - Angel Investment Workshop

Special Birthday Wishes to Mdm Che!
"A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age."
From AB & the J'ville Gang!

The Angel Investment Workshop which was held at the i-Center yesterday afternoon offered a very interesting insight into the mechanisms and modalities involved in technology investing both from an investor and an investee perspective.

Professor Wong Poh Kam from NUS Entrepreneurship Center gave us some insight on angel investing trends and approaches in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. He also spoke about a regional angel investor network called BANSEA or Business Angels Network South East Asia.

Dr Michael Lutz, co-inventor of the PC-Fax, which I remember making very full use of during the APEC2000 preparations for sending out faxes to all the APEC member economies, then shared his experiences with angel investing in the US through a network called The Tech Coast Angels.

I learnt the difference between


Faces from K&S Wedding Banquet

Happy Birthday to the BIL, Mimmie. From AB and the gang at J'ville.

Here's the slideshow I put together as the backdrop for the banquet:

Brunei Adventure Race Teaser

The Brunei Adventure Race 2007 mini teaser this morning was a resounding success. Over 80 people turned up to try out the race and I think they got what they came for... ADRENALINE! It was totally action-packed from start to finish!

Age was definitely not a factor this morning cos a team of 40 somethings actually beat many of the other younger teams to grab fifth place! Congratulations to the BAR 2007 team on a job very very well-done! I can't wait for the actual race in November!! Much more pics here.

K&S - A New Journey

Congratulations to K&S on your wedding. From