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To publicize or not to publicize?

Yesterday, while attending an IT seminar di sebuah hotel terkemuka di Jerudong (cewah!), I was asked very politely not to take photographs, by the MD of a pretty well-known IT firm. When I asked him why? He said it was a closed seminar for invited guests only. Fair dinkum, I obliged with very little argument. Their function, their prerogative. End of story.

BUT it got me thinking... is there an underlying factor that is reducing these once publicity hungry IT firms to paranoia of the public eye? Or maybe its the competitors' eyes they are worried about? I wonder what was the real reason behind the need to minimize publicity for what obviously would have been a great information sharing session for the tech community on optimizing IT infrastructure, which would have benefited from some publicity on the web? I guess I'll never really know...

The upside of this is that I got to meet two great people from the technology partner company, one of the biggest IT companies in the world, which, ironically has no problem with publicity heheh. Good morning Ashlee and Nazeroll, it was great meeting both of you yesterday. Hope to see more of you in Brunei!

Here's a heck of a better pic than I could ever have taken at yesterday's seminar... Beautiful Aneeza and company her sister. I bumped into them at the IHPE recently.


  1. i think that's her little sis..if not mistaken hehe

  2. She's back. Might be able to shoot her this time :)

  3. Just come across your blog and it is a nice one.

    Well..sometime, there are still people in this world doesn't know that not only technology are open nowadays...but information is even more open. Just let them close the door and enjoy their world inside if they will like to. :-P


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