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Smarter Yoga

The SMARTER Yoga Flow session organised by the woman and co was an awesome success. The response was so good, they had to change the venue due to space constraint. Hats off to everyone who attended and donated so generously to the SMARTER fund. I'm certain they'll put the money to good use.


  1. Hey, AB, nice pics and good to see you and Jeeds yesterday. E.

  2. Nice pictures.. though one of those is of my bum =/ heheh

    Would love to see the rest of them.. was a good afternoon wasnt it? =)

  3. love, love, love the pics! very colourful too! hehe

  4. E: Likewise likewise :)

    Rachy: I hope someone's sent u the link to the album. If not, drop me an email at reeda [at] anakbrunei [dot] org and I'll send you a link.

    kura2 malas(heheh): tks, glad u like em! The "subjects" made it easy for me too :D

  5. It really impressed me when I look the pictures here.

    At first I thought it was some new place of learning yoga. When I looked clearly on the last photos, OH MY GOSH....that's the place I have dancing class every week. Because I remember that the arrangement of photo frame hanging on the top wall. It's the trademark of interior design in the association.

    I'm a member of Brunei Muara Tai Chi Association who participate the dancing session at night. We used to have class that floor (Yoga venue) but now we move up to the balcony (under the roof).

    It's very nice view to have dancing class esp at night. I always have an idea to take the nice scenery when we all are dancing. We performs LINE DANCE which means everyone is line up in a row. So the view is nice. I enjoyed dancing in the balcony.

    I have an impolite request to Reeda. Can you help me to take the shot? I think you can help me to take the valuable shot about most of old aged people still enjoy dancing. They never stop to enjoy although they become grandpa or grandma. This is not the young aged dancing club.

    Although I'm 23, I still enjoy dancing with them and we have a very nice and great teacher who is so patience to teach grandpa and grandma whose sometimes forget the dancing steps. It needs a lot of patience to teach them because they are getting older each and every day. But she never give up. I respect her. I wanna capture precious and valuable photos like that.

    Maybe you will get shocked of what I'm saying but it's true of what I felt for.

    By the way, are you charging for that? How much?

    Apologise for any impolite speaking.

  6. Hi Jamilla,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I think yours is the longest, most polite comment I have received so far.

    I would be more than happy to come and take these valuable shots of our beloved senior citizens performing such a fun activity!

    Do let me know when the classes are and I will be sure to drop by when I'm available :)

  7. Reeda,

    I felt upset that it is not looking good for non-member taking photos during the class session as I had talked to my teacher.

    Have to get permission from the person-in-charge. For sure they will ask me what's purpose of taking the photos. I hardly can explain to them of what I had written down here in your blog. They might think of me being abnormal at times. Haahaha...

    At first the idea is just from my monkey mind that I felt like to do it. But then haizzz! So inda jadi la...

    Anyway, thanks alot for your kindness, Reeda! I will bring up some more monkey idea for you to take into consideration in snapping.

    And I just saw my good friend in your photo. Nonnie, the funny blogger! Btw, Im a newly blogger!

  8. No worries JaMiLLa, as a photographer I am more than happy to accept that some people do not see the need or perhaps are quite suspicious of being photographed. I fully understand :)


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