Wine me, Dine me... (Arriving with Yannick Alléno)

Outstanding French cuisine by an outstanding French chef. Everyone arrived at least once! The words are here and here. More pics are here, and here.


  1. Food blogger eh? Cool! My sister recently asked me to fly back (like so easy!) to be one of the food bloggers to try out the new sutera hotel menu! Food blogging does have lots of perks eh?

  2. J,wah new sutera harbour menu?? Can I volunteer?? Heheh! Yeah it has its perks for sure ;) Hard work but someone's gotta do it!

  3. The last picture is so hilarious!

    Emmm... Blogging about food... Agghhh~

  4. Souljah: was that a positive or negative "Agghhh~"? :)

  5. I believe that's a Homer-itive.


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