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Mustang Sally

Why is it that people insist on chatting among themselves or worse still, chatting on the phone when they are in a room full of people trying to listen to a speaker delivering his/her presentation?

This morning, I sat in on a very interesting seminar on cooperatives conducted by one of the speakers from Malaysia. What she delivered, I felt, was very pertinent to the audience, which was made up of heads and senior position holders of the various cooperatives in Brunei. Sadly, some of these individuals could be seen (and heard!) chatting on the phone and amongst themselves... sigh...

Yesterday, I attended Don Gurewitz's travel lecture along with quite a number of other local photogs. It was a great afternoon. Don took us on a journey through Asia, Africa, and India in a space of two hours. Siok. Macam National Geographic, tapi LIVE. Don is a really engaging speaker and I for one was fascinated with his travel stories and pics, but especially his stories. The stories gave meaning and context to his pictures.

Unfortunately, I think there were some in the audience who probably had the wrong expectations or something. They were chatting among themselves and busy taking pics of Don's slides! Kinda pissed me off these chaps...

For those who missed him this time round, he will be giving another talk in Tutong this weekend I think. Stay tuned for details.


  1. Hey Reed, I remember u taking a pic of me and Fung at last year's X'mas dinner. Do u still hav it?

  2. Hi pandachu! Sure I have it. Sent the link to Fung oredi :)

  3. non-attentive audience irritates me. What more if they are making noises. This kind of behaviour is a sign of disrespect. I usually stop talking altogether if I feel my students were not paying attention to me. When I could not stand it, I will call out their name...or better still ask them if they want to share their stories with the rest of the class

    I pity Don and the Malaysian speakers.

  4. He said he doesnt have the X'mas photo? Anyways, would like to invite u to do a restaurant review :) Maybe next week?

  5. I'm glad that you enjoyed Don's talk. He is a wonderful speaker (and person). If you see him, please do say Hi and give him a kiss for me :) Really.

  6. Actually, tell him "Joyatri" says Hi. (I fixed the link on my ID used here).

  7. Howdy Joellen! I'll certainly pass on yr greetings to Don when I see him at the Sultan's Birthday parade tomorrow!

  8. Hey Joellen, mission accomplished! I met Don this morning and told him you said hi! He was pleasantly surprised!

  9. Thanks so much for doing that. And for letting me know. He is sooooo far away, I just wanted him to know I was thinking of him. Thanks again.

  10. No worries Joellen, it was my pleasure :)


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