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Dawn from my window...

Dawn flows
Through my heart
With cascades
Of softly flowing light
And my soul
Is wiped clean
By the radiance
Of her sparkling eyes
Her light
Drifts through my soul
As her kiss dissolves
Upon my quivering lips
I feel in my being
That we are one -
Locked in her embrace
Swept away into eternity


  1. baru ku teclick. rupanya. kau ani Bkid. bulieh. op brunei taun 96? sama yang karit inda pandai membari orang lain OP jua hahahahahaahahahah walaupun walau..hahahah mana Darling`/Adeq/somethingelse?

  2. Hee hee yup thats me, the one and onleee. Damit ko lakat tu eh masa 96 ah. Pandai beIRC jua kanak2 nya... Bukannya karit membagi OP... urang inda pandai meminta bisai2 bah heheheheh! Anyway, good ole days lah. No idea who Darling n Adeq are though... my memories have faded with the vodka...

  3. i thought both of them were related to you. haha salah Bkid kali. Bkid yang bukan op kali hua hua hua. awu ancing masih tu..balum be ic. hahahahaha i dont blame you though. its been 10 years. woa. time flies.


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