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Kambing Masak Merah

Lamb in Delicious Tomato Sauce
(Daging Masak Merah)

What you need:

Lamb 1/2 kg

1 tbsp Bryani powder or meat curry powder
1 tbsp ground garlic
1 tbsp ground ginger
2 onions, sliced thinly
2 tomatoes, sliced or diced thinly
1 small can of Tomato paste ( or more if you like)
1 or 2 green chillies, chopped roughly
Almonds and Cashew nuts (look below for instructions)
1 tsp pepper
Salt to taste

What to do:

Firstly, grind garlic and ginger if you haven't done that already.

Almonds and cashew are to be blanched in hot water to soften them. For almonds, you have to get the brown skin off. Then chop them up and then put them in a blender and blend till creamy. Use 2 tbsp of these blended nuts. If you don't have cashew nuts, just use all almonds instead.

When lamb meat has been cleaned, cube them into a size that you like bearing in mind that bigger cubes will take longer time to cook, etc.

Mix Bryani (or curry) powder, Tomato paste, ginger/garlic paste, green chillies and blended almonds and cashew nuts together with the lamb meat. Leave them for a while. Now heat a big pot with 6/7 tbsp of cooking oil.

Fry sliced onions till yellow. This might take a few minutes. Don't burn onions.

Add the marinated lamb with the spices into the onions. Heat for a few minutes. Dilute with water if too dry. Add pepper now. Stir the pot to mix everything evenly. Now, lower the heat to a simmer and just let the meat cook on the stove top.

Stir from time to time till the meat is tender.

Season with salt to taste. Excellent when served with rice or hard crusted bread.

Accompanying wine: Wolf Blass Yellow Label, Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australia, 1997


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