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The old road...

This is the road leading to our old house in lorong 2 seria. If u look closely, you can still see the road signs F19/20, E19/20. Our old house was on E19 facing the beach (right side of pic). There used to houses on either side but they've all been demolished.. wat a shame...


  1. A'kum bro, inda sangka kita pun asal org Seria dulu..Yeah what a shame all the houses are demolished now..tinggal jalan saja lagi...

    Thats how life goes, kejap ada kajap nada..

  2. W'slm bro, I spent all of my childhood in Seria, Lorong 2 and Lorong 3. We only moved to BSB when I was 20.. many cherished memories of living in Seria and going to St Margarets school :)

  3. Hemmm... no wonder you look familiar. I only remembered you when I saw your real name. Your brother went to AAC right? If yes, then he is my sister's ex-schoolmate. And I might have been to your wedding too. Also I might have been to your house once in Seria yeaaarrs ago!! heeeee... Brapa banyak 'might have been' lah?!

  4. Yup thats right, my bro went to AAC. Small world huh? :)

  5. I do have nostalgia of the place as well. AB.. It's my tuition place as well.. hahahaa.. I still remember those days...
    Also the beach in front of your house where I go for my afternoon jogs as well..

  6. Aaaaahhh... small world indeed! Or Brunei ani yang luan small? Heee... Your bro still in Aussie now? I think it's been ages we didn't see each other. Not that I am close to any of you. Just merely 'friends' and know names saja coz I am the blur one in the family. Heeee.. Kesian nye saya! By the way, I am also SirT's sis-in-law. Macam pusing-pusing udah relationship di Brunei ani. "anak c anu...bini c anu adi beradi sama c anu." Heeee... Well, have fun anyway!! Probably I'll be heading to OGDC soon to jog (the area in the pic) and feed the fishes in the pond. Heee...

  7. Goodness JPF, I'd totally forgotten about those tuition days - can't say they were totally fun coz we were all trying to avoid incurring Mrs. De Silva's wrath by doing as well as we could. Hehe! But yeah, as you said, those were the days...sigh! Any idea where the De Silva family is now?

  8. hahaaaaa.. Thanks to Tabamfamily for bringing the nostalgia in us..hehehe
    I met them for couple of times. They have a house in KB.. U know they are yellow IC.. Brunei citizens.. But they do travel to visit their 2 children..
    I enjoyed their company as well. If I bump into them, I will let u know.. and maybe organise a reunion.. Ur mum have lost contact with them?

  9. Juan, I think it was Lina (the comment after me) that remind you of the tuition nostalgia. Heeee...

  10. It is a shame. When hubby told stories of his childhood along those road, I felt lucky that I had the chance to see their house then before they're all demolished..

  11. yeah, it truly is a sign of the times... even the schools have changed... St Michael's being merged with St Angela's... I wonder whats next...

    Did yr hubby go to St Michael's?

  12. No, he's actually your junior at St. Margaret's by 1 or 2 years (don't remember but he told me he knows of you). well, progress brings changes but in the case of the demolished shell housing, bukan dibuat apa2 jugak sana tu

  13. My junior eh? No wonder he looks so familiar! Heheh!

    Yeah I think if govt were to consent to BSP selling off those houses to their employees, many would in fact buy them... I know I would! heheh!

  14. "if govt were to consent to BSP selling off those houses to their employees, many would in fact buy them..." Bro AB, nicely said. I cannot say more than that.

  15. I wouldn't trade my childhood days @ Seria for anything else ... enuff said.

  16. kantalensa: I realize there would be repercussions from the sale of the land and houses, but it's a beautiful thought isn't it? Owning a bungalow by the seaside in idyllic seria town doesn't sound half bad eh? ;)

    moglie: neither would I brother... neither would I... damn good times cycling around the neighbourhood and stopping at one of the houses to play koboisep wif d boyz n d hood heheh!


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