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What is outsourcing?

After yesterday's Forum on Outsourcing, I've decided to open up a new outsourcing business. Presenting, CCOCSC Sdn Bhd (Child-bearing and Child-rearing Outsourcing and Consulting Services Company)! Leave all your child-bearing and rearing needs to our team of experienced personnel!

With packages ranging from the basic 9 month term delivery all the way to 21 year full service package which includes child bearing, child rearing, education and tutoring, mentoring, psych development, and religious and moral upbringing. Now thats what you call turn-key outsourcing! Our service level agreements are second to none in the industry! We deliver what YOU want! And with minimum downtime!

Imagine! No need to go through the pains of pregnancy! No need to put up with sleepless nights feeding and changing the baby! No need to tutor them through basic education! No need for that nervous breakdown as your child turns into a rebellious teenager. No more having to worry about who they hang out with and where they go! You can leave all that to us while you FOCUS on your CORE COMPETENCY, i.e. MAKING MONEY (to pay us!)

Before you know it, your child is all grown up with a first class education and a cushy job in hand. How cool is that eh?? And how much for all this you ask?? Well, as they say... if you have to ask, then you can't afford it! Call us TODAY on 1-800-TURNKEYKIDS!


  1. Where do i sign up??

  2. aku: untuk bini alum ada lagi... still working on viable business model. Kalau ada nanti, you'll be the first to know!

    rezafaizal: for the full 21 year package its just under B$500K per year :P


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