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The MOD Experience

The gang and I braved the typhoon tail last night and gathered at the newly opened MOD Cafe on Jalan Jerudong last night. The crowd at the restaurant was testament to the fact that Bruneians will brave almost anything for a 50% discount on their meal! The place was jam-packed and parking was almost impossible. Good thing da sista made reservations earlier.

As we settled in to our table, a quick gaze around gave me the sense that we were in for a loooong night. Tables were left uncleared, people were left standing at the front counter, and eventually turned away for lack of reservations. The service staff, including the owner, were clearly out of their element and unprepared for the hungry hordes coming in for their half-priced feast! Some of the customers even walked out in a huff when the wait for their orders proved unbearable (kalau omputih nda pulang batah tu rasanya menunggu 'sal bisdia panjang becerita heheh!).

Perhaps it would not be fair to judge the service at this juncture seeing as it was their first night and they clearly under-estimated the amount of customers. Although I must say, the waiter who served our table, a sprightly indonesian chap, was very cool under-pressure and did very well considering the circumstances, so hats off to him!

The food... now that, thankfully, was a totally different story. It was fantastic! Every dish that eventually arrived was perfect taste-wise from the home-made fishcakes to the seafood tomyum to the mango fish to the glass noodles with prawns. But the highlight of the night had to be the deep fried fish-maw with squid and prawns. It was outstanding! The fish maw went really well with the slices of onion and parsley complemented by the tang of the lime juice... mmmm....

... to be continued...

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huaida said…
We passed MOD on our way home and I was surprised to see it already opened and more surprised to see many cars AND people inside the place, in the storm!

I would prolly brave the storm if I knew they had 50% off last night too! Heh. Inda mau rugi.

Will definitely pop by and try soon!

The boys thought the name sounded like a night club of some sort. Haha.
Che said…
Your review describes the night perfectly, look forward to reading the continuation!

MOD is apparently the name of the owner of the place, I didn't quite get her full name though. I initially thought it was short for modern :)
- m o g L i e - said…
" the fact that Bruneians will brave almost anything for a 50% discount on their meal! " ..... i like this ... he..he..
anakbrunei said…
huaida: yeah its a cool name for a club! The MOD Groove heheh!

che: was hoping you'd do the continuation heheh! I'm still waiting for yr Rizqun Chinese Menu write-up :)

moglie: its true though right?? Hahaha

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