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A meal not soon forgotten...

Congratulations to HRH the Crown Prince and HRH Princess Sarah on the birth of their son!
"Saffron is a plant having purple or white flowers with aromatic pungent orange stigmas used in flavoring food."
Tonight, da missus and I dined at Saffron, a well-known upmarket eatery with a pan-asian menu ranging from the mughal inspired kurmas and koftas to the nachos with an asian twist to the middle-eastern grilled meats served with pita and refreshing salad. The specialty however, is the desserts, among them, pavlova, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes and a chocolate torte to die for!

The owners, A and F were kind enough to dine with us and with four of us dining, we embarked upon our gastronomic journey...

For mezzos, we had hummus, followed by the nachos which were served with cheese and a lightly spiced sauce. We also tried the kibbeh, lamb balls served with garlic sauce. Finally, we had the rice crisps with a special sauce which you eat with a basil leaf on top... simply delicious.

The mains consisted of the Saturday special, roasted duck served peking style with pancakes and a beautiful hoisin sauce. This dish has made a name for itself among Saffron afficionados eversince it was introduced. It reminds me of the peking duck at Trader Vic's at the London Hilton.

Since the promo of the month was the mughal inspired food, we ordered one of each, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The non-vegetarian set had lamb, chicken kurma, and fish kofta, while the vegetarian set was made up of a lovely home made paneer or cottage cheese dish, aloo gobi, and a mushroom curry, all served with fluffy white rice.

A then decided to order the mixed-grill, another Saffron favorite which is basically good-sized pieces of lamb, chicken, and fish served on skewers with pita and a gorgeous white sauce. It surely went down well with us meat lovers!

The highlight of the night had to be the desserts! Starting with a heavenly pavlova, followed by F's legendary chocolate cake which was exactly that, LEGENDARY, and then a butterscotch eclair which was so smooth it made da missus shudder when she ate it.

At our journey's end, we were then treated to F's latest creation, a tremendous chocolate torte, which sent the taste buds on a round-trip to paradise and back. Truly a wonderful creation and a must try! All these sweet delights were washed down with a robust arabic coffee. Mmmmm... lovely!

Kanyang brabis! A truly satisfying meal enjoyed in a cosy setting and in the company of the ever gracious F and A. Two thumbs up from me! F, you truly live up to your motto "Quality is our passion". It shows in the quality of the meal, especially the desserts!!

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Astute said…
Yummmeeeee! All the pics look divine! Will definitely make a booking at Saffron's for a tete-a-tete dinner :)
ucingitam said…
My God! I've never been to Saffron. I must go there very very soon
Anonymous said…
Seems like you had good food and good company there at Saffron.

I just wonder though if you had went without the owners would it have gone that smoothly.

But based on your recommendation I believe i will go try Saffron.

Please keep up your blogging about the restaurants in Brunei

Anonymous said…
not really... their food portion is small n they cost so much :/ the taste is not even that great.. quite a waste.

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