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An evening of meat and conversation...

Update 9th March:
Check out The Sax Player's review of the Sheraton Steak Promo!

Pic borrowed from Rano's Review
(cos it turned out much nicer than mine heheh)
I went to Tasek Brasserie together with da missus and the rugrats last night to sample their much talked about $12 T-Bone Steak promotion. We were joined by Wena and George who graciously agreed to dine with me. I was told that the first order of meat for the promotion was about 120kgs and it went within the first couple of days! We Bruneians sure love out meat ey!

It made me smile when George was kind enough to help one of the waiters out by taking our order since he was busy with some room service orders. The Sheraton team spirit never fails to impress me.

Da missus, Wena, George, and I all ordered the steak while the rugrats had the fish n chips and spaghetti bolognaise. The steak was served with a nice thick gravy, a dollop of mustard and a wonderful cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and fresh salad. The steak was 300gms of prime aussie beef and it was very tender and well marinated which meant it was nice and tasty! Just the way I like it!

Purists will argue with me on this till the cows come home (pun intended! hehe) about how steak should be flavoured just with salt n pepper but I've even done mine with curry powder!! So a nice marinade will impress me anyday :)

So, did I enjoy it? Well, the pic above shows me about to attack my SECOND helping! So hell yeah I liked it!! Its a no frills, good ole steak of which you can enjoy seconds, just cos, well, just cos its a no frills value for money meal! I mean, twelve bucks for a t-bone steak in the company of the lovely Wena, and dapper ole George? How can you go wrong! Promo goes on till 15th March. I'm definitely coming back for more before then!

Perhaps a small point, remember to serve the bread rolls next time round k guys? :)

My rating:- 3.5 out of 5

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Anonymous said…
hey geng, the amah is back tonight. Tonight, ada tah harapan pigi ni. The last time i read/heard your review i ended up going. Not i'm doing it again. Keep the reviews coming. Those steak looks so juicy...the doctor is not gonna be happy to hear this.
blackdiamonds said…
My fave marinade is Worcestershire sauce and cracked black pepper. Yummy!

Have you tried the chunks of meat at Hog's Breath Cafe? There's one in Chjmes and Vivocity in Singapore but the best one was in Perth. Try it, you won't regret it.
AnakBrunei said…
Anonymous: Ok tu geng, sekali sekala makan daging tulang "T" no problem tu heheh

Tina: Yummmzz!! I love Worcestershire sauce and cracked black pepper and I normally add some HP Sauce and Tabasco for extra kick!

No I havent been to the Hog's Breath, but Fast Eddies' in Perth used to serve a mean steak and ribs!!!
mamalobengs said…
OMG Bro.. that's such a cute photo of you.. hahahhah!! Nyaman usulnya eh.. tais liur ku tarus.. sia2 pun!!

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