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Remp-IT Brunei Stylie

This afternoon, fellow sharpshooters Zadm, Bruneian, aspiring sharpshooter Zaza, and I were treated to some seriously extreme action photography. We had the pleasure of photographing some really skilled Bruneian bikers practising their wheelies and stoppies and everything in between. These guys ROCK! Much thanks to one of Mr BR's "favorite persons in the world" for giving me the heads-up on the event! Check out the rest of the pics here (MULTIPLY users only I'm afraid)

Its berry berry denjeraaaaaaas!!


Husini said…
ani siuk ni bro. kalau tani pigi >10 urang macam ke kg ayer atu, mesti durang suka ni.
AnakBrunei said…
You are right bro! In fact they even invite us again next week! So if we want to make a high-speed action photography outing, next Sunday boleh!
SoulJah said…
I just hope they don't do these kinda things on open roads.

Just the other night I was commenting "Mat Rempit tu eh!" when I was driving home when a group of guys on scooters were weaving around an empty 1:00am road.
Anonymous said…
oh dear.. they should be wearing their safety helmets! what were they thinking? one slip and they can get their head fractured >.<
Bruneian said…
bro.. senitip sikit ni gambar ah. I am keeping mine to myself for a while :) hehehe

I think, i am going to print 6R and give it to the guys next week. They r0x!
AnakBrunei said…
souljah: this was not on open road thankfully. I would not condone this sort of activity on open road

anonymous: I agree with your comment. Thats why its "berry berry denjeraaas" and NO ONE should try it unless you're a pro!

bruneian: I disagree that these pics are "senitip". It just depends on how you look at it :)
Fejj said…
I didnt know th 'standonabikie' was possible. :| I've seen the stoppies and wheelies alot, though. Pretty cool, hahahaha. :)
Zadm said…
I was thinking of uploading the pics at blogspot but I may have to make it as private somewhere else. I didn't get good shots like yours bro, yours are way way great.
Fusion said…
Awesome panning shots!!! Ke otak eh...
Anonymous said…
Same bunch of people? I saw a few picture at this website
AnakBrunei said…
fejj: yeah very cool, when its done by pros like these guys of course :)

zadm: awww does that mean I dont get to see the pics either?? :P

fusion: tks! panning shots are tricky but when u get it right... MAGIC!

anonymous: Tks for the info! Not sure if its the same bunch but the pics at P-n-G... membari gugur dari kerusi eh! I want to a Canon EOS-1D Mark II when I grow up!!!
Zadm said…
i give u the pw lah no worries...i havent done the processing yet.
johnson said…
I once saw a bike crash into a car at high speed. It's forever embedded in my memory. Please tell these guys to be careful the next time you see them.. nice pics!

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