Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Toda Cuba le Gusta!

Ahhh, what a night... Excellent crowd with a great mix of people.

Great Indian food from our friends at Popular Restaurant and lovely kebabs from me old mate Radwan of Sugar & Spice.

Latin Jazz and Salsa was provided by a trio of terribly talented gentlemen who call themselves Son2noS. Awesome latin music which got everyone gyrating and grooving.

Sweet... tks for having me D and A!
FYI: Asif and his Son2noS buddies Imi and James do corporate & private functions, tropical latin parties, and salsa dance tuition among other things. He can be contacted at 8812973 or tell him I sent ya heheh!

Aside: Muchas gracias to Emma for mentioning the org in her egg-sellent article on BlogSpeak @ Brunei Times.


Jewelle said...

Looks like great party. Also like your new header, very classy.

AnakBrunei said...

It was an excellent party Jewelle. Tks, I'm still tweaking the header... do u prefer the white background or the current gray background?

Jewelle said...

Reeda, I think the current gray one is cool enough.

SoulJah said...

Oh god. The last picture, it's my ex-boss!