Thursday, March 01, 2007

Calendar Updates

Latest update (01/03/07):

Congratulations! The winners of the exclusive photographic prints from Bruneian's collection are:

1. Pg Datin Paduka Hjh Masrainah
2. YAM Pengiran Ratna Wijaya Brig Gen (RTD) Pg Haji Hasnan bin Pg Ahmad
3. Shaikh Khalid
4. Dr Dzulkarnain Hanafi
5. Hjh Yani (AGC)
6. Kamariah Abu Salim
7. Shaikh Fadilah

Please email Bruneian at to claim your prize!

Latest update (27/01/07):

The charity calendar project comes to a close at month's end. I have collected the remainder of un-claimed calendars from BIT Computer and will be e-mailing the respective buyers to collect them at SMARTER center in Sengkurong.

Latest update (19/01/07):

There are still some orders at BIT Computer which have not been collected. For those who placed their orders online, you may collect the calendars at BIT Computer in Kiulap (next to Lemongrass Thai Restaurant) anytime from 9am to 7pm on weekdays.

The fabulous
Mamalobengs has taken up the challenge to sell the calendars! Good luck Mama-Lo and thank you so much for doing this! Bless ya! finished selling ALL of her calendars in a record 30 minutes!!! Wow! Gila kaliiii! You should be selling used-cars woman!!

is doing fantastically well with calendar sales! I have just delivered a second batch of calendars to them! Way to go Swensens!

Calendars are available for purchase NOW at @The Mall. For every calendar sold there, Swensen's will MATCH the equivalent amount! Now that's what I call generous! Terima kasih banyak2 to the kind folks at Swensen's!

Many thanks to Bizzie Lizzie for featuring the calendar project in BB. And to Rano as well for the mention on his site. That will go a long way towards promoting the calendar. Thanks also to my symbiotic DJ buddy from Kristal FM for mentioning this project on her shows. Suddenly my target of 1000 pieces doesn't seem so impossible after all...

Thank you to Sheraton Utama Hotel for a generous order which I just delivered this afternoon.

Calendars are now ready for collection at BIT Computer store in Kiulap (A9, Urairah Complex, Kiulap). Many thanks to BIT Computer for their support!

If you haven't ordered one of these EXCLUSIVE Calendars, click here to order!

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