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AnakBrunei Charity Calendar 2007


Couple of days ago, fellow poklen and rabid blogger Ziq mentioned that he would be placing his order for my calendar. Well Ziq, its time to put your money where your mouth is!

Presenting the inaugural, exclusive Calendar 2007! It features some of my favorite works from this year. Obviously having to choose only 12 photos out of hundreds means some of my other favorites get left behind...

This glossy calendar is printed on photographic quality paper and comes in A4 size ONLY. It's printed individually so you can personalize it with a line of text of your choosing (e.g. names, special message etc) at the bottom.

How much is it you ask? Well, it's gonna cost you B$5.00 for each of these babies... WAIT! Before you start thinking its a ripoff, think about this... for every calendar sold, HALF will be donated to SMARTER Brunei - Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resources.

Pretty good value considering you will be buying an exclusive calendar (sure beats one of those half-assed free calendars that everyone will have lying around!) with twelve ORIGINAL photographic works by yours truly, AND you'd be doing your good deed for the day by donating to SMARTER Brunei.

All this for the price of a cafe latte? Nuff sed... click here to order and I will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery... even for you folks outside Brunei, we will arrange something. Anything for charity...
Note: While this is a small-scale personal project of mine, I am also looking at a larger scale, commercially printed charity calendar with the works of all the ultra talented Bruneian photobloggers out there. So all you Bruneian photobloggers, if you think this is a project you'd like to contribute to, click here to let me know!


  1. Hats off to you sir! that was lightning fast haha.. I've sent you an email regarding my order :) I'm a man of my words (and also a man who will be deprived of sweet sweet latte this week :P).

  2. Wah, very nice lah and I think B$5.00 is nothing much for such a lovely and local calendar. Well done.

    So how to pay and how will it be delivered?

  3. Bro, how can I resist the opportunity to buy your own-made calendar whilst donating to SMARTER as well. One copy for me please.

  4. Aiyah!! I'm lost for words.. You are too good lah.. Congrats!!!.. I want one too...Bring some down on 23rd Dec at the gathering.. will do a pitch for the calendars since it's for a good cause.. Don't forget please....

  5. Count me in with the project bro, keep up with the ideas.

  6. Oooo... excellent idea! One calendar for me pleaseeee....

  7. Tks guys for your support! Spread the word please! BTW, these will make lovely gifts for friends, family, clients etc the more you buy the more you donate hint hint! Hehehe

    Jewelle, right now I'm working on a payment/pickup point somewhere in Kiulap. Spread the word k? How about getting some orders from sabah? heheheh

    Pablo, perhaps "mr abid" can assist with the distribution in seria/kb side? If so I just bring a whole bunch on 23rd to put in the restaurant for ppl to buy heheh. Spread the word around the ministry lah! Am sure everyone can afford a few of these for charity!

    zadm: gimme yr email add bro, I will be updating all project members by email :) Brapa kaping calendar you order? heheheh

    s.a.s: tks! spread the word pls! how's the ole coffee table book project going?

    ziq: tks for the idea and your order. Perhaps you could help get more orders in your neck of the woods and we could send the whole lot with yr cuz when he goes over?

  8. Beautiful calendar! One copy for me pls!!!

  9. Reeda, I'm thinking that perhaps I could get my bro who works at the KK tourism office to put them in their shop. So have a thought about the pricing and I'll check with him on this.
    I think you should consider doing a similar calendar with all Brunei landmarks.

  10. I'm going to order this too!

    So we email you the photos too?

  11. Nonnie: Great! How many would you like? These make great gifts by the way, and you'd be contributing to a great cause at the same time!

    I assume you're talking about the bigger photobloggers' calendar project when you ask whether to email the photos?

  12. is it possible to just use pictures you've taken? i'm not very good with camera...

  13. lizzie: the calendar will feature 12 original works from me heheh. What you see in the pic above is what you get. So don't worry about having to send in your pics :)

  14. Hey dude, why dont u make a desktop size calender? Your photos will be a lot more bigger then 12 photos on a single A4 size paper...

  15. Tks for the suggestion and the thought had crossed my mind dude, but I'm trying to keep this project simple and do-able from home nence the constraint.

    I will certainly consider it for the next edition, provided this edition is successful heheh! Sorry, I didnt quite hear ya... How many did you want? 10? heheheh!

  16. cool. if you want your project published in bb, let me know. more than happy to write something for you... =)

  17. lizzie: that would be AWESOME! the print media would certainly go a long way toward helping this cause! THANK YOU in advance! :)

  18. Sounds pretty cool. Can we personalize with our photos? And the title? You're printing it at home? because I don't think A4 size printing is this cheap(in photo service store), nice project, will try to contribute. =)

  19. ingsiang: Much as I would love to be able to customize the calendar with individualized photos, I won't be able to for this calendar as it is supposed to feature original works that you see in

    Perhaps for other calendar projects, I will condsider customizable photos.

    This is my personal project so yes, I am printing this at home on an inkjet printer (for as long as it holds out heheh) in order to keep costs down.

  20. hi bro..count me in with the project too :) anyway i just placed order for 2 calendars

  21. sorry my internet has been down. so, i couldn't get back to you. please e-mail me the details of what you'd like in the article. cheers =)

  22. Tks lizzie, can you drop me a mail at so I'll have your email addy? Cheers! :)


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