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10 stars, 5 love stories, 1 movie...

Tonight the missus and I went to catch the new Malaysian movie hit, "Cinta". There was quite a crowd at the cinema. I'm thinking its a guy thing, cos none of the guys I met wanted to admit they were watching "Cinta" opting instead to just smile sheepishly.

Noticeably, most of the audience were couples, and it wasn't just tonight, even Pablo took his bunny along last week. But then I guess no guy in their right mind would go watch this movie alone, and the ladies of course will drag their significant other to go watch it.

Anyway, the movie turned out to be brilliant! Both visually and substantively. The cinematography was very impressive. Some breathtaking scenes of KL and its surrounding areas. I must say, it was filled with lots of eye-candy from start to finish.

10 stars, 5 love stories, 1 movie. Thats the whole idea behind the movie. Call me cheap but I think its good value for money heheh! Not new by any means, but rather following in the genre of Love Actually, and Four Weddings and a Funeral and thats ok cos it works.

The movie takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions from happiness, to sadness, to anger, to sorrow, and then back to happiness only to repeat the ride all over again. Every sequence was crafted to push a particular button and push the button it did! It was both an exhilirating and cleansing experience.

This is definitely one of THE malaysian movies of the year in my book, and I'd imagine, many others' books as well. I give it five stars! If you haven't, go watch it with a loved one. Money well spent! FIVE stories in ONE movie wat!

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  1. i dragged my SO too, when he actually wanted to watch Dejavu. hehe.

    nevertheless, he enjoyed the movie immensely, and like a true photographer (and you! hehe), he appreciated the cinematography.


  2. Aha! I thought I saw a familiar face last night. I think I saw you at the empire. I had a hunch it was you, but I wasn't sure. Hehe.

    And yes! The movie was great! Love it! =)

  3. Twelve: Yeah those guys have taken m'sian cinematography to a new level!

    atul: Heheh! Next time, do say hi, I don't bite. Yes both d missus and I enjoyed the movie immensely ;)

  4. uwah makin giri2 ku kan meliat.. tp org sabalah ani outstation tia jua..


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